My Natural Pink Beauty Look

As much as I love transitioning with the season, I always like to have a signature beauty look that can work no matter the time of year. A natural beauty vibe with a bolder eye and a bit of a pink glow does the trick – especially when I’ve got the curls out in full force! Here’s how to achieve the look yourself:
 My Natural Pink Beauty Look - Tamera Mowry 

First things first, a blank canvas is a must. Make sure you’ve properly cleansed and moisturized before applying product. If your eyes could use a little pick-me-up, try this green tea trick. Next, apply a primer that will smooth skin and prep it for foundation, like Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation primer. Apply foundation (or to go even lighter with coverage, a tinted moisturizer) as usual. If the changes in weather are already starting to hit you, look for a base that evens skin and doesn’t try you out. For this look, it’s all about keeping it light! Clinique’s Even Better is a light makeup and comes in 30 shades.

Now it’s time to add that romantic glow. For the full effect, Ambient Lighting Edit comes with blush, bronzer, and highlighter, but if you opt for just a highlighting powder like Becca’s you can be more choosy about shades. If applying blush, be sure not to go overboard – a little goes a long way. Try a rose gold hue with a bit of shimmer to get the pink look!

My Natural Pink Beauty Look - Tamera Mowry

Eyes are definitely the focal point, and the shimmer just adds a nice accent. To achieve this, you can start with a shimmery yet natural earth-toned shadow of your choice, or forgo it and go straight for liner. Apply a thick black eyeliner like Tartiest Double Take eyeliner (which has both a pencil and a precision liner for the wing) on both your upper lid and lower lash line. Curl those lashes and apply a couple coats of a jet-black mascara.

Round out the whole look with a flirty almost bubblegum pink lip – think Jouer’s Crème Liquid Lipstick in Buff or even Peche. And voila!

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My Summer Skincare Routine

Ah summer! The season we’ve all been waiting for. Even though extreme temps and dry air can do a number on skin, I find that summer is also a good time to channel my inner minimalist. Right now, I’m prepping for baby and soaking up a few relaxing moments with the fam, so I’m not getting too crazy with makeup. But my natural beauty routine does shift with an added focus on skin care and health. Here’s what I mean…

My Summer Skincare Routine | Tamera Mowry

Do Damage Control – It’s not that the sun’s rays are more damaging this time of year, it’s that we’re out enjoying it more. And fun in the sun = the potential for damage. Yikes! Living in California, I made it a habit long ago to wear sunscreen every single day, but it’s really essential anywhere. Aside from SPF, now is a great time to indulge in a facial or an at home spa treatment like eye pads (even with good ‘ol cucumber) to wake and brighten. Basically, zero in on your skin concerns so that you can go fresh-faced when the weather gets hot.

Simple Skin Swaps – Moisturizing is always a must, no matter the time of year. However, there’s no need for heavy creams – a mild moisturizer will do the trick. Replace with a tinted moisturizer (with SPF preferably) in a summer shade that matches your darker complexion. That way, you also eliminate the need for heavy foundation. If you plan to wear product on hot days, primers and setting sprays can prevent makeup meltdowns.

Glam Up Basics – Just because a look appears natural doesn’t mean all products have been forgotten. Moisturizing lip balm (again, think SPF – your lips will thank you) can replace lipsticks and glosses and still pack color and shine. Another trick? Add oomph to your normal mascara by layering a waterproof one over it.

Detox Diet – Because my look is minimal right now, I’m focusing on health more than ever. It’s easy to let makeup do the work (especially in the winter), but the real challenge is making your skin glow from within. And what contributes most? A good, clean diet, full of fruits and veggies (like antioxidant-rich berries) and as much water as possible. Infused water recipes always sweeten the deal!

Does your skincare routine change when summer rolls around? What skin concerns would you like to see addressed on my site?

Let me know!