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I get asked all the time about my website, and how I create content for it. Today, I am SO excited to share with you guys a behind-the-scenes peek into what a content production day at a actually looks like! Another question I get asked often is how I have chosen my team that I work with. I built mine based on my belief that it’s really important to have people around you that share your same vision and aspirations. I really believe that the people who work closely with you should be a true reflection of who you are. Every single person I work with has such an amazing heart combined with a lot of determination, it’s very inspirational.

Every month, my amazing team and I gather for a full-day of content production. I can honestly say I SO look forward to these days — We not only get to be creative, and shoot a variety of content for the coming months, but we have so much fun doing it (the recipe posts alone make for very delicious days on set).

My amazing team! From left to right: Marissa Klaff, Ashley Burns and Grace Helfrich

My amazing team! From left to right: Manager, Marissa Klaff, Photographer Ashley Burns and Digital Media Manger, Grace Helfrich

We start prepping for these shoot days weeks in advance! My Digital Media Manager Grace Helfrich and I and get to be really creative and we work together to strategize exactly what content we want to create. This is everything from recipes that I want to share with you, to fashion looks, and even Real Talk posts. We figure out every piece of blog and social media content that needs to come out of a photoshoot, and create a detailed execution plan. Grace and I also work very closely with my amazing manager Marissa Klaff, who always goes above and beyond to advise on my brand strategy. The three of us are very hands-on when it comes to making a place that truly represents my brand!

Photoshoot day always starts early with glam so that my hair and makeup are done and once the shoot actually starts, we can move through everything we need to capture quickly. My incredible glam team is made up of my makeup artist Motoko Clayton Honjyo and my hair dresser Rachel B Mason (who both work with me on The Real). I also have a fabulous stylist Kelly M Johnson who I work with on The Real — But for most of my website photoshoots, I have been having a lot of fun styling myself and learning how to put looks together (thanks to Kelly of course).

Tamera Mowry website

My glam team! Makeup artist Motoko Clayton Honjyo and Hair Stylist Rachel B Mason

Next, my very talented photographer Ashley Burns arrives, and that is when it is officially go-time! Ashley is responsible for many of the beautiful photos you see on my website and on my social media. Once we start shooting, the day just rolls quickly from there! My team and I move through the long shoot plan we have laid out, and always have so much fun while doing it. These days are filled with a lot of laughter.

These content production shoots are of course very important for creating content, but they are also an amazing chance for my team and I to come together and be really creative. We come up with amazing ideas, and always walk away from the day feeling inspired and excited for the next photoshoot. As I have said many times before, having a website to share my experiences, and to encourage and uplift people is a passion of mine. I’m constantly thinking of you, and love that together we have built such a lovely community! I’m so happy you guys love it as much as I do. I am so grateful that my team and I have such thoughtful, engaged and lovely readers to create content for! From the bottom of my heart, thank you to you all for making my dream of running a successful website a reality!

I can’t wait to share even more exciting website developments with you in the new year as my team and I continue to create new content for you! If there is anything you want to see more of on, please comment and let me know!


Video created by Mike Helfrich.

Real Talk: I’m Answering Your Questions!


I love engaging with people on social media. So much so that I take time every single day to read all of the amazing comments that you guys post to my accounts. I can’t even tell you how much it means to me when I read the lovely comments and questions that you have. You are the reason that I love to engage on social media and write my blog!

I recently asked you all to comment with your questions that you had for me, and I promised to answer some of them for you — Wow, you guys seriously blew me away with your amazing responses! I have selected the twelve most asked questions, and have come up with my answers for you. So here we go …

1. Do you cook, or does your husband do the cooking? Do you have any favorite recipes? We both do the cooking in our house! Adam is amazing at grilling, and I love to cook anything plus bake. I love to be creative and just recently learned to poach eggs.  My momma taught me how to cook at eight years old. My sister and I cooked our first thanksgiving at 16 years old. While I am a recipe follower, Adam can look  in the fridge and just throw things together and create an amazing meal. For some of my favorite recipes, check out Healthy Living section on my website.

2. Are there any struggles for you when it comes to being a mom? I think every mom can relate to this. But it’s balance — Trying to find a balance between work life and home life is something that I am always trying to be better at.  I love and take pride in both. I’m always questioning myself if am I doing enough with them?  Being a hands-on mom and present wife are very important to me. In fact, I wrote a blog post about it

3. What’s your recipe for a lasting marriage?  Most importantly, we both believe in God and rely on prayer and God’s word to be the foundation of our marriage.  We also work on our honesty and communication. However, communication also involves listening. Sometimes people miss this. It’s important to listen with an intent to understand and see where your spouse is coming from, and not already be thinking of your rebuttal. (I know easier said than done.) I know it’s cliche, but keeping date night alive is a must as well.  If you can’t find the time to get out of the house, make a date to watch a movie or have dinner. Whether that’s cooking together with a glass of wine, or staying up a little late to watch a favorite show or movie while the kids go to sleep.  Finally, I try to never go to bed angry and I always say ‘I love you’.

4. What are some tips you can give on how to learn to love yourself and not let negativity / comments / opinions of others bother you? The biggest thing that comes to mind when I read this question is that we all need to learn to love ourselves first —Also, love ourselves as we are, flawed and all. When you learn to love yourself as you are, and you know who you are, you tend to just naturally push away that negative energy.  I just don’t have time for it anymore.  I also remember that other people’s opinions are not facts! They are just opinions, and you are not in your control of what other people think or say. You are in control of how you respond to them. As a general rule, if people who don’t know me personally have negative opinions about me, I don’t take their opinions personally. I also wrote a whole blog post on how to build self confidence that you all might like reading!

5. Would you ever sing on The Real? Yes! Maybe I should give you guys a preview one of these days …

6. Would you have done anything differently in your careerNope! Not a thing! I feel like I am living my calling, and that is such a blessing!

7. When and how did Tia tell you about her pregnancy? Did you suspect it with your twintuition? I did suspect it with my twintuitionIt’s funny because each time I was pregnant, Tia sensed it before I told her. I also sensed it when she was pregnant with Cree! This time was no different, I picked up on it and asked her before she got the chance to tell me.

8. If you weren’t an actress or TV personality, what profession would you be in and would you still live in California? I love California, so I know that I would definitely be living here. If I wasn’t in the entertainment business, I would probably be a maternity nurse, flight attendant, worship leader in church, or I would be blogging and creating lifestyle content full-time. I naturally love to give tips and advice, and to share the things that I discover with people. That is why I love my website so much, it never feels like work to me!

9. What is your favorite kind of workout to do? Would you ever run a marathon? My favorite workout is Pilates! I try and do it as often as I can. I have also always wanted to do a half marathon! Maybe someday in the future.

10. Will you ever do another reality show with your sister? Reality television is not for me!  It is not something I would pursue again.

11. Do you plan on having more kids? My husband and I are leaving that one in God’s hands!

12. How do you manage kids, work and life? Hahahahah, it’s one step at a time, one moment at a time. Some days I manage some days I cry. Then laugh it off. However, I always keep going trying my best knowing that my best is good enough.  There is no magic formula — But keep reading my blog to find out the lessons I’m learning along the way!

I hope you guys enjoyed this Q&A with me! I had so much fun reading all your questions, I can’t wait to do it again soon! 


Real Talk: How I Build Self-Confidence

Tamera Mowry Self Condidence

A sense of self-confidence is not something I was born with. I had a wonderful and supportive family growing up, and that certainly played a huge role in developing my sense of self as a child. However, as an adult, I really had to come into my own to feel secure in my own skin.

Feeling confident was a conscious decision, and something that I learned to work at every day. We all want to feel proud of ourselves and secure in who we are, but I really believe that it takes work, and for me, faith, to get there. The turning point for me building a healthy sense of self came in my 20’s once I realized that I needed to stop comparing myself to others, and own and embrace who I was. I think that Oscar Wilde put it best: Be yourself everybody else is taken.”

Once I embraced the idea that I needed to be completely dedicated to being my own biggest cheerleader, and loving all parts of myself, I started tapping into the individual gifts that God had given me. I started to value my uniqueness and abilities, and truly believe in myself! This was when I felt a new sense of self-confidence that I had never experienced before.

Now I can’t say that I feel confident all the time (nobody does!), but I do continue to learn how to build my sense of self all the time. My faith helps me a lot. Knowing that God is with me always, every step of the way — Even when I fall, sway, or have insecurities, my faith is my biggest sense of comfort and strength.

I’m also always trying to grow and improve myself, which consistently builds my confidence. I think of new things that would make me happy or proud to achieve, and I just go for them! If I want to lose weight, I do it and commit to being healthier. If I want to feel pretty, I dress up, get my nails done, and let myself feel beautiful.  If I want to be a better actress, I take acting classes that challenge me. It’s like that old saying goes, nothing changes if nothing changes. I really believe that we have to keep challenging ourselves to find out what we are made of, and to feel proud of who we are.

It’s amazing how much better you can serve and love the people in your life when you have a strong sense of self. I am a much better wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend because I have a clear idea of who I am, and believe in who I am. It’s like how they tell you on an airplane ‘in case of emergency, secure your own oxygen mask before helping others’. The same principle applies to self-confidence and self-love — You have to love yourself first to be able to properly care for the people closest to you.

Because I know the value of learning to love yourself, and it has been such an important journey for me, I am very dedicated to setting a good example for my children. I know that my children will have to develop their own self-confidence, and learn how to love themselves, but I do what I can to help instill and inspire self-love in them. I watch what I say about myself around them, and I always tell them that they can do and be anything they want in life if they keep trying, learning and never give up.

I know that I’m not always going to be the perfect parent or wife, or always feel amazing about myself each day – that’s just life! We all have our moments of doubt, but I know that as long as I have my faith, and a close support system around me, I will be fine. Just remember that comparison is the thief of joy. Continue to focus on your God given gifts, and hone them, and your sense of self will continue to grow and strengthen!

How have you guys improved your sense of self confidence? Please comment below, I would love to know!


Real Talk: Answering Your Questions About Blogging


I fell in love with being a blogger years ago when my sister and I were working together on our former website. Ever since then, blogging has become a passion of mine, and I have really dedicated myself to creating and growing I get asked a lot of questions about my blog, and so I wanted to do a Q&A post for you guys and try my best to answer as many of your questions as I can!

WHAT MOTIVATES YOU TO BLOG? First and foremost, it is my fans that motivate me to keep writing and creating original content. It can be overwhelming to think about running an entire blog and always posting new content, but I have always had the attitude that I will just take it one post at a time, and see where it goes. Over the years the site has built more and more momentum, and I have been so encouraged by all the amazing feedback I have gotten. Every time I put up a new post, I’m so excited to read the comments.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART ABOUT HAVING A BLOG? I love that my blog allows me a direct channel to speak to my fans. I am able to create original content that is meaningful to me, pen open letters and speak very openly. I’m naturally an encourager, and I love to share my experiences — If I find an amazing new hair routine, I want to tell the world! My blog allows me total creative freedom to do this, and it’s so much fun!

WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE FOR SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO BLOG BUT DOESN’T KNOW WHERE TO START? I really love encouraging other women to blog and to be as creative and entrepreneurial as they can. As women, we are so strong and amazing multitaskers by design. There are so many different facets of who we are as women — We are wives, girlfriends, co-workers, sisters, mothers … Don’t be afraid to tap into each of your roles and gifts. If you have a dream, just because you are a mom doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve it. Dare to dream big! Do your research, and don’t be afraid to ask for help to achieve your goals. Like I said, it’s one post at a time!

IS IT HARD TO BALANCE YOUR CAREER, PARENTING AND BLOGGING? Definitely! But I really believe that life is all about balance. To me, being a good parent means being true to myself and still following my dreams too. You want to let your little ones know that if their momma can achieve her goals, so can they. When your children see your drive, passion and success, that is a good thing! They will thank you for it in the end … Just remember to have balance in it all. Don’t become so driven that you ever totally neglect any area of your life.

HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT? My blog is totally and authentically me. I write about the things that I am passionate about, the lessons I have learned, the clothing I think is beautiful and anything and everything else that is inspiring to me. I have a lot of fun doing my monthly blog planning and get I get inspired and excited about what I can share with my audience. We hold monthly photo-shoots for the blog, and they are always my favorite days! I think that the best content, and what resonates with people, is anything that comes from a place of truth. I always hope that my genuine passion for connecting with my fans comes through in everything I do.

IS YOUR BLOG REALLY YOU? It’s definitely me! I do have a support team that helps me with blog photo-shoots, marketing and uploading content, but I am 100% hands-on, and not a single thing is ever published on my blog or my social media without me. I’m so thankful for my fans and audience who have stayed so loyal to me over the years, and they are who motivates me to continue to create content on my website and my social media.

IF MY FANS COULD TAKE AWAY ONE THING FROM MY BLOG …. I would really hope that my readers realize that more than ever, women are becoming CEO’s. People are listening, and the internet has become this incredible platform for voices to be heard. We are living in an amazing time where women can absolutely make their dreams come true. Together, as women we can uplift each other and make this world a better place. I believe each person was put on this earth with a mission. A purpose. It’s up to you to hone in on it. Perfect it. Then share it. If I can inspire anyone to use their voice with purpose, I will feel like I have succeeded.

I am truly so appreciative for your support of! Please continue to send me your questions, I love reading them! 


Real Talk: How I Balance a Busy Schedule

Tamera Mowry

Lately, life just seems to be getting busier and busier! As a working mom, I always have a lot on my plate, but recently my schedule has become more packed than ever. Even though my days are full of things that are blessings, I have to make a very real effort to balance my time and energy so that I can be the most effective, happy and healthy version of myself.

The feeling of struggling to balance a busy schedule is something that I think most people can relate to. While I have not perfected time management, I have noticed amazing improvements in my ability to prioritize my day by using some of these simple strategies:

Make a list: I am a big fan of lists, and honestly, I would be lost without them. I like to hand write out my lists, but keeping one on your phone works great too. Without writing everything down, it is almost impossible not to forget at least something each day. Making a list is also great when you feel totally overwhelmed — The simple act of just writing down what you need to do, and being able to visually prioritize the tasks at hand, makes a big difference.

Put everything on the calendar: I literally mean everything! I will note just about anything on my iPhone calendar. From notes about what my son has going on at school that day (so I remember to ask him about it when he gets home), to a reminder to leave the house a little early because I have to get gas. I love scheduling notes into my calendar because then I can be sure I am not missing anything important.

Schedule your day: As a working mom, I have a lot of responsibilities in both my personal and professional life. I very consciously schedule my day so that I know when I will start and stop focusing on work commitments, and then I stick to that schedule. Having hours specifically allotted to work really helps me balance my family and personal time. Which leads me to my next point …

Make time for you a non-negotiable: Not too long ago I wrote about mindfulness, and the importance of taking time for your mental and physical health. Even when I am balancing a busy schedule, I make my health a priority, and schedule time for me just like I would a meeting. For example, if I have a workout planned, I block time off in my calendar and commit to taking that hour for myself — no excuses!

Don’t be afraid to say no: I have learned that it is okay to say that you are not able to do something! Setting realistic expectations for my time and my commitments is very important. If I am constantly saying ‘yes’ to everyone, I just end up exhausted, overworked and feeling resentful. When I receive an invitation, or I am asked to do something, I really think about whether or not I am able to commit before I say yes. This strategy has really helped me immensely because it ensures that my days are full of tasks that I am totally committed to doing.

Communicate expectations: Especially when it comes to work, I have learned that it is really important to communicate both my own, and other people’s expectations. By talking about what is expected of me (or what I expect), and verbalizing an agreement, I am able to prioritize and manage my workload.

Tackle one thing at a time: Women are often amazing multitaskers — It’s in our nature to be able to juggle a bunch of things at once. But I have learned that I am usually much better when I zero-in on one task at a time, and eliminate other distractions (like my phone). Whether I am doing something for work or something with my family, I try and really be in the moment and engaged with whatever I am doing.

Spend five minutes each night thinking about tomorrow: I take a little time each night to think about what has to be done tomorrow. By thinking ahead and looking at what I have on my plate for the next day, I avoid waking up feeling overwhelmed.

Understand that you can’t control everything: As much as I like to think that I can stay on top of everything each day, the reality is that nobody can. Some days life is just going to throw you a curve ball, and when that happens, it is important to just go with the flow!

How do you guys balance a busy schedule? Comment below and let me know!


Real Talk: How Being A Mom Has Changed Me

family post

Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend, and it has me thinking a lot about how being a mom has changed me for the better. Every day with my children I work hard to try and be the best parent that I can, trying to anticipate their needs. However, each day they manage to flip the script on me (in a good way)! I learn patience and persistence from them on a daily basis. Most importantly though, they have shown me what unconditional love truly means.

My children have also taught me how to be present and in the moment, which is something that can be really hard to do when you are a working mom and have a lot of responsibility in your life. As a mom who can be a little OCD, my children have made me realize that it is okay to leave some dirty dishes in the sink for a while, or to not write that email right away, and to just live in the moment. I have learned that it is worth giving up a little control in my life, to be able to sit and watch a movie with them or just have time to bond.

Growing up, I had a mother who some would say, was a strict parent. Now that I am a parent, I can see that everything she did and how she parented, was done completely out love for her children. I grew up to love the person that I am, and to feel confident about myself, and that is because of my mom. She worked so hard to develop good character, strong faith and to instill a secure sense of self in her kids. There is no way that I would have been able to navigate a career in the spotlight, and remain true to my values and faith, had it not been for my mom. How she raised me has had such an incredible impact on who I am today, and now in turn, how I am raising my own children.

I have also been lucky enough to have children around the same time as my sister! Tia had her son before I had Aden, and she was always 100% honest with me about her experience with motherhood. She really helped prepare me for both the joys and the realities of what being a mom looked like. Most importantly, she taught me that as a mom, it is okay to keep pursuing your dreams while being a devoted parent. That was something that I was really struggling with —  I wasn’t sure that it was going to be possible to keep growing my career and have children. My sister has the most beautiful and special relationship with her son, and she really showed me that that as a mom, you can do both. I love sharing motherhood moments with her. Some days we just laugh because we will try and talk on the phone after a long day, and neither of us can even finish a thought because we are so tired! To be able to experience all the aspects of motherhood alongside my sister is one of the most amazing blessings.

I have only been a parent for four years, and I can’t imagine my life without my children! Parenting is both the hardest and most blissful job I have ever had. When you’re a mom, there is no such thing as a day off, and yes, exhaustion becomes your new normal. But you just figure it out!

Hats off to all the mommys out there!