The Power of Essential Oils

The Power of Essential Oils

I try to live my life as healthy as possible. Yes, I indulge and skip workouts just like the next person, but I value the affect healthy behaviors and healthy eating have on my family and me. That’s why I was thrilled when my friends introduced me to essential oils. I’m now a big fan – we use them every day in my house to encourage a strong immune system. There are so many impurities we’re exposed to on a daily basis, it’s nice to know that simple oils and extracts can aid my health or mood and not require me to put anything artificial in my body. A few drops here, a dab of oil on your ailing body part and poof, relief! Essential oils are sometimes misunderstood, but the benefits are plentiful and there are multiple ways to experience the effects of these plant compounds. Today, I’m sharing the basics with you…

What They Are

Essential oils aren’t essential in the “need to have” type of way. Instead the “essential” represents the aroma of the seed, flower or plant being properly captured and maintained through the distilling process. There are oral uses for some oils, but many are commonly used topically or through a diffuser (think aromatherapy). I typically apply mine with a dropper or use a roll-on.

The Benefits

The benefits range from alleviating back pain (which I saw many of you mention on Instagram), calming nerves and helping with digestion. They don’t stop there! Relaxation, joint pain, antiseptic…you name it, there might be a seed oil or leafy scent to help you throughout the day. It’s important though to follow directions on bottles and do your research before using any essential oil – pregnancy and select health concerns can alter the way you use them.

The Scents

Peppermint (a favorite of mine), lavender and eucalyptus are amongst the most common scents. You can burn a eucalyptus or LATHER Lavender Aromatherapy candle to help relax and get rid of a pesky migraine that is ruining your day. There are spruce scents, carrot seed oils and Frankincense as well as others made from a blend of different oils. For example, Young Living’s PanAway is a blend of peppermint, wintergreen, clove and helichrysum and when diluted with oil and rubbed over a strained muscle can relieve tension and aches.

All in all, I believe they’ve helped me, and I’ve heard many others praise the power of essential oils.

Have you tried essential oils? What has worked for you and do you have recommendations? Always happy to hear how these are benefiting others and what others I should try!

  • Jessie

    Wow gotta try these , just hopefully I’m not allergic . Sounds nice

    • Megan Caspers

      There is very little chance that you will be allergic to essential oils as long as you choose Therapeutic grade! Once you start using them, you will fall in love! I certainly did!

      • Crys81

        You will most likely be okay,….just always test them out on a small area before using them as treatment to make sure no issues. All oils are therapeutic grade. Just start out slow and let you and your body become use to them…and ALWAYS DILUTE! :)

        • Megan Caspers

          Not all oils are therapeutic grade! The FDA only requires an oil to contain 5% of the actual oil to be labeled as 100% pure. There are food grade and perfume grade oils as well. Research is incredibly important!

      • Mel mzmel

        How do you know it’s therapeutic grade? I love them as far as scents are concerned but have never used any of them for ailments except the lavender and eucalyptus for relaxation.

        • Megan Caspers

          Well, I use Young Living exclusively and they have a Seed to Seal guarantee. Basically from the time the seed is planted, until the oils are bottled, Young Living has done the entire process themselves. My daughter has not been to the doctor since May of 2013 because she hasn’t gotten sick! I’m diabetic (otherwise I would not have needed to go in either!). Young Living is an amazing company to be a part of. All of their information can be found on their website.

          • Mel mzmel

            Thank you and I will definitely look into Young Living. Be blessed.

          • Megan Caspers

            If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me! I would be happy to help in any way I can! :)

        • Cindy Cyn Cyn Soto

          Young Living has a Seed to Seal guarantee and only plant, grow, harvest and distill the highest quality plants themselves. They are therapeutic grade. You can check out the process at Also FB message me or email me at if you want more info!

    • Shelly Van Keuren Pierson

      I am very sensitive to smells, candles, cleaners. I have not had any issues with the oils as far as allergies with myself. I use with a carrier oil as well.

    • Stephanie

      There is a tiny chance you could be. Choose a therapeutic grade essential oil, like YL (we use it and LOVE it!). It has cleared up my son’s asthma where he is no longer on breathing treatments, helped my daughter with her anxiety, etc-our list goes on and on! Let me know if you have any questions, i’d love to help in any way i can.

    • ursula

      You cannot be allergic to a therapeutic grade essential oil-you may have a cleansing reaction ie. a rash. Drink plenty of pure water and get rid of toxic toothpaste,soap -personal care and cleaning products-Young Living has a Thieves household cleaner that is extremely economical and works great-good for your pets,pet products and lots of personal care products and a tonic called Ningxia Red. Eat organic as much as possible. FYI

    • Kelli

      Drop me an email and I will send you some samples to try.

  • YBGreen (Yasmin)

    I heard it’s good for that time of the month. Does anyone have recommendations?

    • Shelly Van Keuren Pierson

      Panaway is excellent for this. There are many other options as well.

    • Crys81

      Yes they are YB Green…there are a few different ones you can use for that time.

      • Crys81

        Normally Panaway is an option but usually P+ or Dragon Time are good ones as also are some other single oils. Helps to know also what kind of symptoms you have or want help with.

        • YBGreen (Yasmin)

          Thank you Crys81 It’s mostly pain in my back, thighs and pelvic region.

    • Ashley Miller

      Dragon Time is a perfect essential oil blend made by Young Living. This blend was specifically made for PMS. It is a more expensive oil but it works wonders for me! With mood and irritability. It lasts a long time too. Just one drop for the bottom of each foot and you rub it in. I do that every morning of the week that I’m PMSing. There are also many oils that are good for pain. Check Young Livings website for more information. Hope this helps.

    • ali

      Young living Dragon Time I believe is what it’s called.

    • Georganne Gebhardt

      Young Living Progessence Plus Serum…..I use it everyday! It is absolutley AMAZING!

    • YBGreen (Yasmin)

      Thank you for the help. I needed it last night :)

    • Kelli

      Progessence Plus

  • Lemon is one of my favorites from Young Living. I also keep Peppermint in my shower to get some good aroma therapy at night. And as an FYI, “Peace and Calming” works WONDERS with helping children sleep well at night. Put some in a diffuser and it helps them sleep great!

    Love this post, Tamera!

  • I am getting ready to go to a Young Living class tonight! I have been to one before and am just so intrigued by them. Can’t wait to get some and start using them!

    • kproffitt

      You’ll LOVE them, Natalie!!

    • Cynthia Meza

      Natalie I love love my oils as well!!!!!

    • Erin Olson

      Natalie, you are going to wonder why you waited so long to get started. I LOVE my Young Living oils!

  • Shonda Hall

    Lavender helps me calming

  • Mina Di Marco Rosas

    Hi Tamera,
    Im a Distributor for DoTerra Essential Oils and I’d love to send you some so you can try them out. I’d also like to introduce you to AromaTouch as well, please contact me if you’re interested. Im in the LA area.

    • Vikings76

      I think it sounds like she is pretty devoted to YL.

      • Mina Di Marco Rosas

        Yeah seems like it, it never hurts to TRY new things. Plus its free.

        • Vikings76

          So true! But why would she want to try something else when she is already using the purest and most effective oil on the market already? That would be silly! Lol!

    • Cindy Cyn Cyn Soto

      Shameless plug. Sounds like she has already made the very best choice for her and her family. Lol…

      • Mina Di Marco Rosas

        Shameless plug? Ok. Ignorant much?.I’m offering her some to sample. Wheres the wrong in that? Better for her, she’ll have a little bit of everything and Doterra is best so why not?. This wasn’t directed to you so its none of your business anyways. Seems like someone has no life other than to troll. .. LoL

        • Kelli

          Hey Mina,
          Where are you located? I would love to sit down with you sometime and talk.

        • Vikings76

          Mina…I recommend you compare peppermint oil from both companies. Do it soon because you will be shocked at the difference and you’ll want to jump on the YL train pretty quickly! :)

          • Mina Di Marco Rosas

            I’m honestly not on here to argue over which oil is better, you’re entitled to your opinion. Im giving her the chance to decide, you will say yours is the purest and I will say Doterra. I will agree to disagree. Have a nice day. :)

  • Tey Mayo


  • Love Young Living Oils!! Love Valor, and Panaway. My son Loves Cedarwood, my youngest daughter loves White Angelica, and My oldest daughter loves Ortho Sport!! Great stuff Young Living Oils!!!

  • Traci Towles

    Hi Tamera,
    Im a Wellness Advocate for doTerra Essential Oils let me know if you would be interested in learning about them !!!
    Glad you have chosen the healthier way to live your life.
    Traci Towles

  • Tinika Gantt Lee

    I’m an Maverick Oily Chick that uses Young Living too, Tamera! User & Member Since 2012! The best, most authentic and safest essential oils on the planet! Be sure to visit Young Livings Lavender Farm in Utah when you get a chance! You will love it and you won’t regret it! It is so BEAUTIFUL there! Thanks to Young Living Oils I was able to get off blood pressure medication within 30 days! Those oils are just that potent!

    • Cindy Little Nunez

      Can I ask what you used to lower your BP? I’ve been putting Peace and Calming over my heart daily and that helped keep it more regulated, not spiking as much, but I would love to get it to a healthier number. Thanks so much!

      • Lisa Perez

        There are quite a few that might help you. Lavender, Aroma Life, Marjoram, lemon, but my favorite is Ylang Ylang. You can place over your heart, or I often put a few drops in my hand cupping them over my nose. I breath deeply for a few minutes.

      • Bobbi Sue Benkalowycz

        balsam fir lowers BP.. other oils that help are ylang ylang, marjoram, aroma life, eucalyptus, lavender, clary sage

  • mezalkb

    My and and I LOVE our Young Living essential oils! They are the best! So good to see others who have also found the joy and health benefits of essential oils. :)

  • Emily Carson

    The oils from Young Living are 100%, nothing added and nothing taken away. They are not laced with synthetics that are harmful and dangerous and they are not lab replicated. The ones in the health food store ARE. Young Living is the ONLY essential oil company in the world that owns their own farms to grow their own crop. Every other company buys their product at some point. Young Living tests and maintains pure, organic, therapeutic grade from the time the seed is put into the ground to the time it’s sealed into the bottle. These oils are therapeutic grade and have amazing healing factors to them. I have been using these oils for over 6 months now and they have helped me with so many things, from skin care and replacing various beauty supplies to providing relief on headaches, allergies, cold/flu, sleep aid, etc…the list is endless.

    Therapeutic grade oils are almost never sold in retails stores. They might be organic, but they distill it in a way that is cheaper and faster (hence the cheaper price tag) which kills the compounds that make up the molecules; meaning that the healing properties are gone. So, don’t expect healing properties from them. When oils are distilled at low temp, low pressure the healing properties are preserved, but it takes a lot of time and a lot more money to do it that way. Over 90% of the oils that are sold as “essential” in America are food or fragrance grades and are NOT suitable for healing applications. Young Living oils are safe to apply, diffuse AND ingest… because they are 100% organic. If you see “do not ingest” on the bottle, run in the other direction because you’re basically buying it for the smell only. Just like the food industry, “legally” there only has to be 10% of the actual oil in there to be considered 100% peppermint (or whatever oil it is)… which is part of the reason Young Living oils are so great- there are no fillers, additives, etc etc. Truly, you get what you pay for with essential oils. Honestly, I wouldn’t put any other brand on my husband or myself other than Young Living.

    • Tiera

      I’ve been to their website before and some but not all of the oils are made by them. Still better than many other companies though.

      “many of which are harvested from our own Young Living farms.”

  • kproffitt

    SO happy you use the oils, Tamera!I love YL oils, too! Thieves is one of my favorites! ;) Have you tried the new Orb USB diffusers? LOVE them! I bought two recently and just love them! You can plug it right into your laptop! I have a blog here – if you’d like to take a look! XOXO!

  • Cindy Little Nunez

    I also love Young Living Oils. I haven’t taken a medication for a headache in so long with the help of peppermint and panaway. andI sleep so better using Lavender. I love Peace and Calming and rub it over my heart daily, it smells wonderful and it seems to helps my BP to stay regulated.

  • lisa

    So glad you’re loving Young living oils! I’ve been very involved with them and you can’t beat their seed to seal guarantee that’s for sure :) My life has totally changed since being introduced to them. Rock on girl :)

  • I love my YL! Best choice I ever made for my family’s health! I have lost weight, helped my family’s allergies, my kids booboos and sleep. They are so versatile and are so much more than scent! :)

  • Cynthia Meza

    Love my oils as well!!! They’ve done this preggo lady so good!!! I post all about them on my IG @kitchenblogger

  • Meg Henning

    Young Living essential oils are just the best, they are 100% of just that oil, no fillers, no synthetics and the CEO/founder is just passionate about helping people. You can’t fake someone’s passion for their business and what they believe in. They worked amazing for my family since we started using them and I love how effective they are!

  • Sinita N Chris Leung

    Young living oils are the #1 must have in my home. We have transformed everything in my home with the essential oil from this company to toothpaste, pain cream, diaper sass, tummy cream, insect repellent, cleaning solutions and of course our digestive health as well. If any followers of Tameras blog are interested in becoming a member you can email me at and I can help you get started.

  • Tammy

    One year ago I was in so much pain and depression I could hardly walk. Then I was introduced to YLEO. They changed my life! I live these oils and trust these oils. They are the only ones I will use. I am so happy to see you using them. My brothers doctor even uses them and suggested he use Valor on his chest 3x’s a day for a month! All because he saw the bottles on her desk at work and told her he was using them for sleeping.

  • Nikki Cauley

    I use essential oils for a fresh or relaxing smell in our house l. I also use them in my natural hair regimen. I make my own shea butter moisturizer and I love to use peppermint, orange, ylang-ylang, tea tree, lavender, or rosemary to help with scalp stimulation OR some to help mask the oily smell of some of the other oils I add. Love them.

  • Claudia

    I use them too. I love peppermint I use it to study and remember what I spent all my time studying. It works

  • Rebecca St.Ann

    Young Living Essential Oils has helped me recover my son from ADHD. He is now a healthy and very happy 10 year old.

    • Vikings76

      Rebecca…which ones do you use if you don’t mind sharing? My sister uses Grounding, Vetiver and Valor with good results for her son’s ADHD but there is still room for a little improvement. :)

      • Rebecca St.Ann

        At night I use Vetiver, Cedarwood, Lavender on his right big toes and Valor down his spine (for the combo, I put all the Vetiver, half of Cedarwood and half of Lavender in an empty bottle with a plastic roll on and apply). In the mornings, I put the combo on his right big toe and BrainPower behind each ear. During homework, I diffuse Lemon because it seems to calm him down and plus he LOVES the smell.

  • Michele B

    Our family loves YL Oils. My favorite thing to share is the Pain Cream. 4oz coconut oil mixed for 8 minutes (for consistency) and then 5 drops each of Valor, Peppermint, and Panaway. My husband no longer uses Ibuprofen and instead uses the Pain Cream. This is a bid deal as he was popping Ibuprofen like it was candy. So thankful to Young Living. Thanks for sharing your love for them as well!!!

  • Courtney Gipson Lemon Dropper

    Young Living oils are the best thing that has happened to me. It has also given me a dream career that I can do at home to be with my 1 year old. Love. These. Oils. #lemondropper

  • I have never tried them but it sounds really interesting! I definitely want to try! Thanks Tamera!

    • Kelli

      Don’t purchase via the Amazon link above in the article you will pay way too much like I did the first time! Go to this link and you will receive 24% off of retail
      If you invest in the premium starter kit you will also receive a FREE reference book in the mail from our group.
      Please let me know if you have any questions

      • Abby-Gail Hendricks

        Hi Kelli I have a Question…where wil I be able to get these oils…im from south Africa. …Western Cape…cape town. Do I drink this or bath or apply like a these oils sounds amazing.

        • Gina Green

          You can apply like a lotion (just a drop or two) , use in a bath or diffusing. You can also put in a capsule and take (read label first to see if you can- each are different) I believe you can can still order online:

      • Thank you for telling me Kelli :)

  • abby

    Thanks for sharing Tamera, after reading through all these comments about Young Living oils, I will most definitely give it a try.

    • Nicole

      If you have any questions, I would love to help you! Check out to sign up to get your premium starter kit and I will call you! Or else you can email me at :)

      • Abby-Gail Hendricks

        Nicole hi… I am from South Africa…Western Cape. ..cape town. ..where do I get these oils..please email me…

        Thank you

        • If she didn’t get back to you I can give you info as well and see if they’re available in your country

        • go there and message me and I will get you any information you need! These oils will change your life!! Theres an oil for almost anything you can imagine! YoungLiving is the standard that all the other imitating companies try to compare themselves too! There are over 120+ hospitals that use Young Living Essential Oils only due to them not having any synthetics, their “Seed to Seal Guarantee”, using the first distill and quality checking every batch, they are 100% pure, therapeutic hospital grade essential oils that are safe for everyone! Aromatically, Topically, and Dietary as well!! Let me know if you need any help getting started with your oily journey!! Any of you!! :)

  • Christina

    We love our Young Living Essential Oils. We use them for just about everything in our home, from a headache and achy gut, heartburn, to insect bites and sunburn relief and prevention. It is amazing how easy they are to use and how effectively they work. My 4 year old knows how to apply them! We have combated Strep throat with them and aching and sore muscles. I have replaced my deodorant with various oils and my household cleaners with YL’s Thieves cleaner for toxin free cleaning. This list can go on and soon turn into a book so I will stop there. Love that you are also using and experiencing great benefits in your home as well. :)

  • Chesley Ryann Parfait

    I’ve been using YLEOs for three months and absolutely love them! Peppermint is my sidekick and I use it everyday for sinuses!

  • Kacey Neely

    YES! I use and love Young Living oils. I blog about them at!

  • Cindy Blundell

    I love mine! Lavender and peppermint are my go-to oils. I always have them with me. Today I made a lavender-sea salt hand & foot scrub. MMM! It feels and smells SO good!

  • varun chandra

    At Young Living, We own our seeds, Cultivate them with high standards, Distill them in a unique way, test the samples to give out the best, and seal it at our own facility. This is the rich seed to seal process we follow at young living which makes our oils world’s best.

  • Dorothy Hall

    What has worked??? Let me count the ways… acid reflux/indigestion, headaches, receding gums, herniated disc pain in back, suspicious growth, sinus headaches/infections, migraine headaches, stress headaches, laryngitis, colds and flu, bumps and bruises, natural insect repellent, allergies… and my list goes on and on. And that’s just MY list- it doesn’t include that of all of my friends and family. I sound like a broken record cause I’m always saying “You know, there’s an oil for that!” I have always preferred finding safe, natural ways to take care of my family’s health and Young Living’s essential oils has transformed our life and made it so much easier. Prescription drugs are a thing of the past and has saved us TONS of money and time… in Dr. visits, co-pays, prescription drugs, time off work! I can’t imagine my life without them now! I love telling others about them and helping them get started in transforming their lives too!

  • Kirsty Ray Haile

    Yes! Love my young living oils! They have helped in so many ways. Quickest headache relief-stress away along the head and back of the neck and a drop of peppermint pressed to the roof of the mouth! These oils work wonders!!

  • Erin Potter

    Love them!

  • Ana Dowling

    I love my YL oils too!! My current favorite is mixing up an insect repellent. It works great! It kept us from getting eaten by mosquitoes in Florida! In an 8oz spray bottle put half witch hazel and half purified water. Add 10 drops of purification, peppermint, and thieves, and that’s it!! Instant bug protection!!

  • susan sharkey

    where can I go to a young living class nearby I live in Rochester New York

    • Kelli

      We have online classes all the time. Shoot me an email and I will send you an invite. We also have some east coast connections that will be holding classes soon.

  • Kelli

    Please don’t purchase the oils via the link on amazon!!! You will pay way too much for the oils like I did for the first time. Follow to this site to get 24% OFF of retail or if you have any questions please email me at
    If you decide to try the oil and invest in the premium starter kit you will also receive a FREE reference book.

  • Mary Hobbins

    I love Young Living essential oils, with Frankincense and valor being at the top of the list. A new favorite is Envision; not very expensive, but helps me re-orient myself when pre-seizure activity begins to rear its ugly head!

  • Nicki Veenstra

    WhooHoo!! Love my oily family!! In all seriousness I just kicked strep throat’s hiney this week using only my essential oils.
    These are truly all my family needs to stay healthy!!

  • Serendropity Kara

    Love your post! Oils have changed my life, my hair, my skin and the health of my family! I started using them to help me sleep after serious insomnia and loved them so much that I now use them to make all my own skin care products. Happy to help anyone with questions!

    Just please don’t buy these life-changing oils off Amazon!

  • Kathy Darrow

    Love essential oils…. I have a blog about them if you want to check it out

  • Gina Green

    Don’t buy off Amazon. Go to a YL website: You can buy retail or sign up for wholesale prices! Try the lemongrass if you have high cholesterol. A diffuser is great for home and work.

  • Coty Medina

    I just recently used Lavender essential oil on my four year old son. He said his ear was hurting inside, so I rubbed the oil all around the outside edge of his ear. His pain went away within a few minutes! I’d much rather use this than give him medicine!

  • Joy

    Prior to using Young Living oils to transition off chemo and lupus meds in 2013, I suffered with low energy, hair loss, swollen feet and eyes, poor digestion, failing eyesight, pain in joints, kidney inflammation, skin problems and on and on…Today one year later, I don’t even recognize my life. I am sooo grateful to Gary and Mary Young. My secret: using certain oils internally in the cheek of my mouth very aggressively, prayer, meditation, and good nutrition. I no longer suffer with the typical lupus patient symptoms. They are truly God’s medicine!! -Joy Read more on my blog:

  • Joy

    Plus I’ve visited their distilleries and farms in Utah and Ecuador!! I mean really what other company that you purchase products from let’s you visit their operations ?! AWESOME!

  • Heather Mcpartlin

    I used then to quite smoking….over 30 days and still going strong!!!

    Peace and calming

  • Jackie

    Thank you for letting people know about Young Living. I found mine through a friend as well.
    My husband snores horribly and it helped both of us to get a good nights sleep, not to mention, helped my Lupus and RA, one of my cousins Lime Disease numbers go down and another cousin who has stage 4 cancer.
    I try to help others like I was helped,
    by sharing information. If anyone is interested, please go to This is only an information page.