Wear It: 10 Winter Coats That Don’t Break The Bank

Well everyone, winter in Los Angeles has finally knocked on our doors. With El Niño hitting Los Angeles and some midwinter travel in my plans, it’s time to invest in one warm, cozy, and most importantly chic winter coat! Finding a quality coat with a guilt-free price tag can be overwhelming to say the least, and trying on heavy jackets in a crowded mall is somehow as never fun as it sounds, lol. For all you who missed out on those holiday sales, I’ve rounded up 10 styles that fit the bill. Flip through my gallery below to see what I chose (you can click the image for more details too).

A few fave styles…

Waterfall. Have you heard of this design? The oversized lapels flow into the rest of the coat, transforming a cozy texture into a sophisticated everyday jacket. It looks amazing with a plain ol’ sweater and boyfriend jeans, yet you can dress it up as well. Wear open or snag one with a belt (like in the first photo) for slightly more structure.

Cape. These hybrid coats have the sleeves of a cape but the structure of an everyday coat. You can find them in a ton of styles and weights. These are the perfect compromise for anyone who hates being weighed down by bulky sleeves and layers!

Belted. I chose several different styles of jackets that are belted, because it can be super flattering. Considering coats that are actually warm have a tendency to come off as anything BUT chic, the added waistline (worn loosely or more snug) will banish any frumpy vibes.

Trench. Ladies, the trench coat ain’t what it used to be! Though the quintessential big buttoned, camel colored trench is a staple, you can go bold with a checkered or gray coat that keeps you dry and warm on drizzly days well into spring.

Do you have a go-to coat for this time of year?


  • Natasha

    These are absolutely amazing Tamera, your amazing and can not wait to see you adventures for 2016. We miss you in the acting world so i hope you get back to that this year because your an amazing actress!! Love you!

  • Earlanda

    Awesome post. I hate wearing coats. They can be bulky and uncomfortable at times. I love the one from missguided!! xo| justarlanda.com

  • Eve Yitu

    where was the black jacket you wore to the airport from when ‘the real’ went to the white house??????