Our Perfect Date Night

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Today I wanted to share a few pics from our recent date night in Napa. Adam and I were lucky to be able to have a night out, which is always a blessing after busy weeks! Any couple that juggles crazy schedules and the needs of little ones will know how cherished these moments are!

Our Napa Dinner Date - Tamera Mowry

We had a romantic dinner at Bistro Don Giovanni… One of my absolute faves for Italian.


My other half.


It doesn’t matter what we do, dinner out or not, we always have a blast together.

What’s your perfect date night?


  • You two seem like such a sweet couple! The Italian food sounds delicious!

  • Nikki Smith

    ???? Beautiful couple. #inspiration

  • McKayla Whichmanislikegod Blu

    Tamera Mowry OFCOURSE I DONT KNOW U BUT….girl don’t u understand why these angry-evil people have such negative things to say…GOD says when u find yourself impressing man u are not pleasing GOD, dont u know if your husband was SHAKA ZULU they would say hes tooo Black!! my message to u is to NEVER allow Miserable people to define your’e happiness,Pray for them!! HELL IM MIXED WITH WHITE, INDIAN AFRICAN AND WHO KNOWS WHAT THE HECK ELSE, and people still judge by the color your skin came out to be…Just like i was told, everyone wont like you, and that’s perfectly fine because the main one u wanna be sure that loves you is GOD!!! look at your family…now take a real good LOOK, now dont u see why they are MAD!!! GIRL, Enjoy the blessings GOD gave u….and remember this is a EVIL CRUEL WORLD, IGNORANT, MISERABLE AND FULL OF HATE!!! ….Leave the Internet Bullies where they are!!! They aren’t Attacking U, they are Attacking what is in U…………LOVE!! Stay strong Queen~Peace and Love forever to you and your Family~

  • Priscilla

    TAMERA Mowry-Housley girl you continue to do you don’t listen to these people that leave you comments cuz is none of our business what y’all do or what’s going on with you guys y’all are happy and very much in love ❤ that’s all that matter at the end of the day God Bless you and yours ???

  • Natasha

    Beautiful couple

  • Sierra Paige

    You look so happy! I love you guys together!

  • Ina Turner

    Tamera I love seeing you and your Hubby looking so full of JOY,keep enjoying each other,being with each other date night or not.
    I enjoy being with my hubby,we have 3 kiddos so we don’t get to go out for date night a lot,but girl we invent our own date night after kiddos in bed,or I will meet him for lunch sometimes,and at least once a month the “In-loves”aka In-laws, gets the kiddos so that we can have a real dressed-up date night.
    I see from some of your fans below that EVIL,ENVY,HATEFUL people has been at it again, I hope you know its because you are not living like the world,anything goes. As others here has stated KEEP DOING YOU,KEEP LOVING YOUR HUSBAND, and enjoying each other,don’t let NO ONE COME BETWEEN you two. GOD,FAMILY,JOB. Numbers 6: 24-26.
    Blessings to you and yours.

  • Maggie

    Ncoo that is wonderful, keep enjoying yourself guys you deserve. You look happy, God bless you more and more.

  • TweetinGrandma

    What a beautiful, Blessed, Loving couple, and family yall are.. it’s easy to see that the Love you & Adam have for each other is Stronger than ever. You Both make beautiful babies together?Aiden was so adorable & cute, and your new baby girl is absolutely Beautiful. You’re such a gorgeous Woman and a loving, caring Wife, and Mother. A true Inspiration.

    Congratulations to you & your precious family. God is so good..All the time. With much love & care.. a true fan..❤

    Darlene Walochik
    Woodstock, GA

  • lady j

    My perfect night out is anywhere if I am with someone who thrills me. Hoping to meet him in 2016!??

  • Siza

    Youre such a sweetypie you make Adam look so good i wish you guys longevity im hoping for a good date myself after giving birth 7 weeks ago to a beautiful baby boy keep it up Tamera you inspire a lot of women like myself love you.

  • Katrina G

    Happy “LOVING” Day! On Valentine’s Day, I don’t want to forget the couple that made it possible for you and Adam and my husband and I to be together. Happy Valentine’s Day! Love you on The Real

  • PicturePerfect Dancer


  • Norma McCabe

    Tamera, I love watching you on THE Real and I love seeing you and Adam so happy together. I’ve known Adam’s family since he was little and was so happy he made such a beautiful choice for his life mate. You are both so lucky to have such wonderful parents. I loved your comments on THE REAL today (3/1/16) in response to the mixed race couple. I will never forget what your grandmother said, “Just love the HELL out of them.” You are such a inspiration!