Real Talk: How I Build Self-Confidence

Tamera Mowry Self Condidence

A sense of self-confidence is not something I was born with. I had a wonderful and supportive family growing up, and that certainly played a huge role in developing my sense of self as a child. However, as an adult, I really had to come into my own to feel secure in my own skin.

Feeling confident was a conscious decision, and something that I learned to work at every day. We all want to feel proud of ourselves and secure in who we are, but I really believe that it takes work, and for me, faith, to get there. The turning point for me building a healthy sense of self came in my 20’s once I realized that I needed to stop comparing myself to others, and own and embrace who I was. I think that Oscar Wilde put it best: Be yourself everybody else is taken.”

Once I embraced the idea that I needed to be completely dedicated to being my own biggest cheerleader, and loving all parts of myself, I started tapping into the individual gifts that God had given me. I started to value my uniqueness and abilities, and truly believe in myself! This was when I felt a new sense of self-confidence that I had never experienced before.

Now I can’t say that I feel confident all the time (nobody does!), but I do continue to learn how to build my sense of self all the time. My faith helps me a lot. Knowing that God is with me always, every step of the way — Even when I fall, sway, or have insecurities, my faith is my biggest sense of comfort and strength.

I’m also always trying to grow and improve myself, which consistently builds my confidence. I think of new things that would make me happy or proud to achieve, and I just go for them! If I want to lose weight, I do it and commit to being healthier. If I want to feel pretty, I dress up, get my nails done, and let myself feel beautiful.  If I want to be a better actress, I take acting classes that challenge me. It’s like that old saying goes, nothing changes if nothing changes. I really believe that we have to keep challenging ourselves to find out what we are made of, and to feel proud of who we are.

It’s amazing how much better you can serve and love the people in your life when you have a strong sense of self. I am a much better wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend because I have a clear idea of who I am, and believe in who I am. It’s like how they tell you on an airplane ‘in case of emergency, secure your own oxygen mask before helping others’. The same principle applies to self-confidence and self-love — You have to love yourself first to be able to properly care for the people closest to you.

Because I know the value of learning to love yourself, and it has been such an important journey for me, I am very dedicated to setting a good example for my children. I know that my children will have to develop their own self-confidence, and learn how to love themselves, but I do what I can to help instill and inspire self-love in them. I watch what I say about myself around them, and I always tell them that they can do and be anything they want in life if they keep trying, learning and never give up.

I know that I’m not always going to be the perfect parent or wife, or always feel amazing about myself each day – that’s just life! We all have our moments of doubt, but I know that as long as I have my faith, and a close support system around me, I will be fine. Just remember that comparison is the thief of joy. Continue to focus on your God given gifts, and hone them, and your sense of self will continue to grow and strengthen!

How have you guys improved your sense of self confidence? Please comment below, I would love to know!


Powerful in Pink: Ariah’s Nursery Reveal

And at last, the reveal of Ariah’s nursery in this feature post from my incredible designer, Shalena Smith. She’s been designing beautiful rooms for little ones for over 20 years and it shows. She’s also the the founder of Gaga Designs and Shalena Smith Interiors. See pics below and hear how final pieces were selected. This room is a little slice of girly heaven! 

All along this fun, creative journey, we’ve referred to this nursery as “Pretty In Pink”. It was the theme of Tamera’s amazing shower and made sense–but as I look at the finished product, I can’t help but think that while yes, it is “pretty”, what we really created for sweet little Ariah was a space that says “Power in Pink”.

Ariah Talea Housley Nursery

For months, Tamera and I have been preparing for her baby girl’s arrival and along the way I’ve been able to share with you how-to’s and tips based off of my design process. So today I’d rather share with you the part that doesn’t come with a how-to… the heart and spirit that went into it.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the sweetness of a little girl! We did tap into that, as it is almost impossible not to. However, as I know from experience with my own two beauties, it is so important to not just give our girls the idea that their power and worth is tied to their beauty and sweetness, but more so to their faith, heart and conviction.

Ariah Talea Housley Nursery

Ariah Talea Housley Nursery

A room fit for a queen.

When I look at the crown above the crib, I don’t see the crown of a princess, but of a future queen of creation and love. When I look at the angel wings on the wall, I don’t just see that they are there because Ariah herself is a heavenly, little angel (which let’s face it, she is), but that they are a reminder that all the heavenly angels above will be watching over Ariah as she plays, sleeps, and grows. They will protect and guide her spirit.

Ariah Talea Housley Nursery

Speaking strictly about the design elements, I would have to say that my most loved aspect of the room is the way the gold crown and the beautiful Bratt Décor crib look against the two-tone striped wall– it adds sophistication. And while the personalized ceiling medallion, pillow and gorgeous chandelier add a perfect hint of glamour, my most favorite touches came from the heart, with anticipation of love-filled moments of the future. Like the tiny stool in the corner that Tamera has had for years. She thought it was the perfect addition to the room, because one day, big brother Aden will sit there and read his baby sister stories. Or the soccer ball artwork hanging on the wall that was Daddy’s special addition to the room, because yes she’ll be Daddy’s little girl, but that only means he’ll be cheering her on that much louder from the sidelines when she scores the winning goal for her team.

Ariah Talea Housley Nursery

Adam’s pick!

Ariah Talea Housley Nursery

I know Tamera can’t wait to add a picture of Ariah to this frame.

No matter the project, or the client, the final step of my process is to stand in the finished labor of love that is the nursery and say a prayer asking for only the deepest, most profound love and protection be brought to the little soul whose cries and laughter will soon fill the four walls around me. I had that moment with Tamera. That moment, more than the nursery itself, is what keeps me coming back for more.

Little Ariah will surely be pretty in pink in this nursery for many years to come, but she will be powerful in purpose for all the years that follow.

– Shalena

For questions about products or services contact Shalena at or follow her on social media here: Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook Instagram Houzz Youtube

The Meaning Behind Ariah’s Name

Our baby girl is finally here! We’re enjoying every second of having a new addition in the family and thrilled we’ve been able to share pictures of Ariah already. It’s been even more amazing to say her name while looking at her face and feel my heart almost explode with emotions. Uttering her name will likely mean many things to me over the years, but it’s the story of how we chose Ariah and what it stands for that will always remain consistent. 

The Meaning Behind Ariah | Tamera Mowry

Naming Ariah was a bit different than when we named Aden. I had always known that I wanted Aden to be my son’s name, and since Adam began with an A as well I wanted to keep our family tradition alive of starting my childrens’ names with the same letter. So it worked out that before Adam and I were even married we stumbled across a shop named Araya. I stopped and immediately told him I loved the name and wanted that to be my future daughter’s name. It was and is such a beautiful name. The only catch was that I wanted to spell her name phonetically, so people wouldn’t mess it up and call her a-RAY-ya. 

We entertained other names like Arriana and Aliana after I became pregnant, but I always came back to loving Ariah and ultimately committed to the perfect name for our baby girl. Her middle name, Talea, is a name I’ve adored for some time that ironically was going to be used in a friend’s future book as a character inspired by me. It wasn’t until after we had decided on Ariah Talea Housley that Adam and I learned the origin and meaning of both names–they couldn’t be more appropriate for a family like ours whose faith is so very strong. Both Hebrew names, Ariah means Lion of God and Talea means one who resembles the morning dew of Heaven. We couldn’t have found names with a better meaning if we had tried. 

Holding her in my arms every day I know we chose right. We are so elated (though exhausted) to have a beauty and healthy baby girl. We are truly appreciative of all of our family, friends and fans for their blessings. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Can’t wait to share more about her as she continues to grow and warm our hearts.  


Happy Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day. It’s a day to celebrate the woman who brought you into this world, and in many cases, praise those who raised us in a loving, but tough, family. My mom did a wonderful job with us kids. She believed in us, she kept us in check and she made me realized that anything is possible.

Tamera Aden Mothers Day

Not until having Aden did I truly understand that level of shared love. She would say that you won’t understand until you’re a parent–there is no love like that between a mother and her child. And how right she was. There isn’t a heart big enough to contain all of that love. As mothers, we would walk to the end of the earth for our children. We want to protect them, nourish them and guide them into greatness. And I know for me, it changed my life–I love being a mom for these reasons:

1. Seeing the world through my son’s eyes. I don’t take the simple things in life for granted. 

2. Learning the vast amount of LOVE the human heart can give. 

3. My son’s hugs and kisses can change my day for the better EVERY time. 

4.  I’m a completely different person. I’ve changed for the better.  

5. Having children has given me a new perspective on life.  

Aden has reached the age where he is starting to verbalize his wants and needs and while it can be trying, there is no better joy than seeing my little man love and learn. Soon I’ll be able to share that same passion and support with my daughter.  

Happy Mother’s Day to my Momma Darlene, my Sis Tia and to all the mommies out there. Enjoy your well deserved day. 



Design Tips for Creating a “Pretty in Pink” Nursery

Today, I’m thrilled to feature a post from Shalena Smith, the creative brain behind Aden’s nursery and my soon-to-be baby girl’s. She’s been designing beautiful rooms for little ones for over 20 years and is the founder of Gaga Designs and Shalena Smith Interiors. As her and I work together to dream up my girl’s room, she’ll be sharing with you the process and tips to help you with your own interior design. Without further adieu… 

Oh how I love working with the Housley’s! It was just about three years ago when I first met Adam and Tamera while she was pregnant with their son Aden. Like most busy parents, they hired me as their baby concierge and interior designer to help them design their nursery, create a registry, get all their essential items, and organize along the way. I loved how attentive and very involved in the process they are. So I can’t tell you how excited I was when they called me to design for baby #2 and they told me they were having a girl!

Immediately I knew that my job was going to be to create a space that was completely opposite from the sporty nursery I designed for Aden. This nursery would be something softer and more feminine–and I was right, Tamera wants PINK!!! I set out to create a room she will love by following the below steps that you can apply to your decorating process as well.

Consider Your Entire House

The first step of the design process is accessing the design style of the rest of the house so that everything flows together. Along with this, I conduct a fun interview with the couple to learn more about their vision, their needs, likes and dislikes, colors and themes for the nursery.

Designing Tamera Mowry Baby Girl Nursery

Repurpose Decor

If you have other children who have grown or are on a limited budget, it can make a lot of sense to repurpose items you already have. So, the second step when working with Tamera was to decide what we were going to use from Aden’s existing nursery. Above is a “before” picture of the room, which is in need of a girly makeover. We decided to incorporate the changing table (with a chocolate brown changing tray, not shown), the armoire, and the glider from Aden’s room in the new design.

Quick tip: With baby products, you always want to make sure that the items are still in good condition and have not been recalled.

Luckily for Adam and Tamera, all the furniture from Aden’s nursery was custom-made by Newport Cottages and is still in excellent condition. The design challenge will be how to make the existing pieces that are all white with a chocolate stain—which were specifically chosen to give the room a more masculine look—suddenly transform into something soft and girly. More on this in the next blog!

Designing Tamera Mowry Baby Girl Nursery

We are going with a new white crib that has become my design inspiration for the nursery. The Bratt Decor Chelsea Lifetime crib is not only beautiful, but also has the feminine balance the room needs. It’s breathtaking, yet practical because of its features. I always try to select pieces that grow up with the baby, and this crib conveniently converts into a toddler and full size bed.

Designing Tamera Mowry Baby Girl Nursery

Select a Color Scheme

The next step before getting started on the room is picking a color scheme. Tamera is very creative, which makes this process even more fun and exciting–we discussed with the option of a custom mural and sorted through fabrics. Once these important elements are decided upon, I create a design board and present it to Tamera and Adam. After their approval, I immediately create my must-have checklist.

Next, it’s time to get everything organized and cleared out of the room to start the prep for their dream nursery! From this point on, it’s all about going gaga and turning our vision into reality. I can’t wait for you to see this “Pretty in Pink” dream nursery for sweet baby girl Housley!

– Shalena


See more from Shalena on her social media here: Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook Instagram Houzz Youtube

Twintuition Book Release

The day finally came! Twintuition is now available at all major retailers, independent book stores, and on e-readers. YAY! It’s been over 2 years since Tia and I started creating the world in which Caitlyn and Cassie call their own, and the release has been both overwhelming and exciting. Overwhelming because the build up and hard work we put into it was all consuming at times, and as anyone can imagine, hard to balance with the rest of our daily lives. But exciting because it’s been incredible to see so many people as excited about the release as we are.

Twintuition Book Release

This past Tuesday, we started the day off with a press tour to discuss the book and what inspired us to writeTwintuition: Double Vision, and the day continued from there. By evening we were at The Grove’s Barnes & Noble ready to meet fans, read an excerpt from Double Vision and sign books. To everyone who came out and visited, THANK YOU! We loved meeting you all–both new little fans and those of you who’ve followed along since the days of Sister Sister. Hopefully, we’re encouraging a generation to find great joy in reading (as we have our entire lives), and the message they take away from Twintuition is that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Here’s a few pictures from the event and videos from the day that I just had to share!

Twintuition Book Release

Twintuition Book ReleaseTwintuition Book Release