Essential Products For Beauty-On-The-Go


When I am really busy and I don’t have a lot of time to devote to my beauty routine, I turn to my tried and true beauty products to make me feel put together! These are my ten must-have products that are my favorite secret weapons for getting out the door quick!

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Gold Sunglasses

Never underestimate the power of sunglasses! They can hide the lack of sleep on your face, and instantly make your look more chic! I love Ray-Ban Aviators because they are a classic style that you can’t go wrong with!

NARS Blush in Orgasm

There is a reason that this blush is so popular! It has a gorgeous glow, works on virtually any skin tone, and immediately brightens your complexion!

Deva Concepts DevaCurl Styling Cream

I love the days that I let my hair go curly and natural! This styling cream by Deva Concepts is my favorite curly hair styling product because it leaves my hair soft, and also defines my curls.

CHANEL No 5, Eau De Toilette Spray

I’m not sure there is any scent more classic than CHANEL No 5! This timeless perfume always makes me feel more beautiful and put together, and is definitely worth splurging on!

Lavanila Pure Vanilla Eau de Parfum

I had to also mention my other favorite scent! Lavanila is another perfume that I often wear, and receive so many compliments on! I love that it is made with all-natural and organic ingredients and completely free of harsh chemicals!

Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra-Pure Oil-Free Moisture

This moisturizer by Dr. Dennis Gross is one of my secret weapons to feeling fresh faced! It is a lightweight and oil free formula that doesn’t clog my pores, and leaves my face feeling soft and hydrated!

Stila ‘Stay All Day’ Liquid Lipstick in Caramello

I love a light pink or nude lip! The Stila ‘Stay All Day’ Liquid Lipstick is fantastic when I am on-the-go because it literally does stay all day. It’s lightweight enough that my lips don’t dry out, but has enough pigment to it that I don’t have to re-apply all the time.

MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo

If I am running out the door and want to be a little more glam, then I opt for a bold red lip to feel instantly chic! I love this particular color from MAC Cosmetics, because it the perfect shade of red  — Not too orange and not too crimson!

essie nail color in limo-scene

Just like my lips, I love the look of light pink nails! Light colored nails are my go-to because they work with almost any outfit, or any occasion. Going for a manicure when I have the time is a treat, but when I am on-the-go, I make sure to keep a bottle of essie light pink polish around!

Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes Cucumber And Sage

These Burt’s Bees wipes are a staple in my purse! They cleanse the face and remove makeup without any harsh irritants, and won’t dry out the skin. I also love that I can use them on my kids in a pinch!

14k Gold Bar Necklace

One of my most cherished items is a gold bar necklace with the names of my children engraved on it that jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer gave to me. No matter how dressed up or down I am, this necklace always makes my outfit complete!

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer

This Bobbi Brown concealer does wonders! When I don’t have time to put full makeup on, I use a tiny little bit of it, and can instantly cover up tired eyes or skin imperfections. Of all the different kinds of concealer I have tried, this one definitely gives me the best results!


Let me know what your favorite on-the-go beauty products are!  







3 Easy DIY Hair Masks for Natural Hair

As much as I like to stick to a healthy diet, in part because it also improves the look and feel of my skin and hair, there also happens to be a lot of topical ways to apply superfoods in order to reap their many benefits. I don’t think I’m alone in requiring a regular deep condition to keep my strands manageable, and if there’s an ingredient in my pantry that might be able to do the trick – why not give it a try? Who doesn’t want to achieve that post-salon softness without actually leaving the house, anyway?

Try these 3 easy DIY hair masks for natural hair that’s in need of a boost:

3 DIY hair masks for natural hair - Tamera Mowry

Yogurt + Honey

This is a classic hair mask that helps conditioned parched hair. Nutrition-packed Greek yogurt can soften hair, add shine and even help detangle curls. Simply apply to hair after washing and leave on for twenty minutes before rinsing. I’ve seen versions of this mask with Manuka honey (for its scalp-cleansing antibacterial properties) and coconut oil for an added dose of moisture.

Avocado + Eggs

This old school mask is made by combining an avocado and whole egg with a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of olive oil (coconut oil is always an option – and smells so nice you really can’t go wrong). Make sure all ingredients are thoroughly blended, so you don’t end up with chunks of avocado in your hair. Apply and wait for 20+ minutes before thoroughly rinsing.

Banana  + Coconut Milk

This last deep conditioning mask is as simple as can be, requiring only two ingredients, but flexible enough that you could add honey or yogurt to for added oomph. You’ll make more than enough for one hair mask if you combine a ripe banana with a cup of full-fact coconut milk. Quick tip – This is one you’ll probably want to combine in a blender if you can – it’s tougher than you think to completely combine the two.

Of course, if DIY isn’t your thing, you can always opt for one of the masks below:


Have you gone the DIY route with your hair before? Click here for 3 easy DIY face masks to round out your at-home routine.


My Natural Pink Beauty Look

As much as I love transitioning with the season, I always like to have a signature beauty look that can work no matter the time of year. A natural beauty vibe with a bolder eye and a bit of a pink glow does the trick – especially when I’ve got the curls out in full force! Here’s how to achieve the look yourself:
 My Natural Pink Beauty Look - Tamera Mowry 

First things first, a blank canvas is a must. Make sure you’ve properly cleansed and moisturized before applying product. If your eyes could use a little pick-me-up, try this green tea trick. Next, apply a primer that will smooth skin and prep it for foundation, like Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation primer. Apply foundation (or to go even lighter with coverage, a tinted moisturizer) as usual. If the changes in weather are already starting to hit you, look for a base that evens skin and doesn’t try you out. For this look, it’s all about keeping it light! Clinique’s Even Better is a light makeup and comes in 30 shades.

Now it’s time to add that romantic glow. For the full effect, Ambient Lighting Edit comes with blush, bronzer, and highlighter, but if you opt for just a highlighting powder like Becca’s you can be more choosy about shades. If applying blush, be sure not to go overboard – a little goes a long way. Try a rose gold hue with a bit of shimmer to get the pink look!

My Natural Pink Beauty Look - Tamera Mowry

Eyes are definitely the focal point, and the shimmer just adds a nice accent. To achieve this, you can start with a shimmery yet natural earth-toned shadow of your choice, or forgo it and go straight for liner. Apply a thick black eyeliner like Tartiest Double Take eyeliner (which has both a pencil and a precision liner for the wing) on both your upper lid and lower lash line. Curl those lashes and apply a couple coats of a jet-black mascara.

Round out the whole look with a flirty almost bubblegum pink lip – think Jouer’s Crème Liquid Lipstick in Buff or even Peche. And voila!

For more beauty inspiration, read my skincare secrets.


My Favorite Hairstyles from The Real

Have you guys been tuning into The Real this season? It’s going by so fast I feel like I haven’t been able to gush about all the great (and often hilarious) conversations we’ve had. As you may know, I like to flaunt protective hairstyles a lot of time on the show, but that doesn’t mean I want the same ‘do day in and day out. I’ve been able to try out so many different hairstyles this season, all thanks to my hairstylist Karim Odoms, and it seemed like time to round ‘em all up and share them here on my site.

Tamera Mowry hair on The Real

Lob with waves – The wavy long bob has been my go-to length this season, and the soft curls are perfect to pair with a flirty dress.

Tamera Mowry hair on The Real

Au Naturel – My natural hair has made an appearance a few times… We even had the curl doctor Shai (who I am forever indebted to for rescuing my mane!) for some real curl talk!

Tamera Mowry hair on The Real

Sleek lob – Here the lob got a sleek makeover for a sleek outfit.

Tamera Mowry hair on The Real

Went a little shorter to switch it up every now and then too…

Tamera Mowry hair on The Real

…like with these short waves.

Tamera Mowry hair on The Real

I even had a new hair color and bangs for a bit – so fun to experiment.

Tamera Mowry hair on The Real

Never a dull moment on The Real! Which look is your fave?


My Classic Fall Beauty Look

Between being on camera and running around with the fam, I’m always going back and forth between the bold looks my team creates for me and a super minimal look at home. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with one that’s the best of both worlds. I love timeless beauty so it has to go well with all occasions, yet contain a bit of a sultry side. Therefore, my go-to look this fall takes the bold eyes and glowing cheeks that I love to pair with chic boots and my curly hair and combines it with natural accents like a soft lip.

There are three things to focus on to create a fall look that’s similar to this makeover by Motoko:

Tamera Mowry Fall beauty & natural hair

Fall Glow. Summer may be over, but I haven’t put away the bronze products just yet. I love how a good glow looks with my natural hair, so it’s my new go-to combo! I’m sure at some point I’ll gain a new appreciation for a wintery blush, but not quite yet. To get this look, prep skin and prime using these steps from my natural beauty look post (how different did my hair look back then!?). Then, a bronzer and/or highlighter like Benefit’s Sunbeam which creates a natural looking glow

Bold Eyes. A smoky eye is a popular look for fall, but this season it’s all about keeping it classic rather than over the top. You can create a subtle gradient between three shades from taupe to dark brown by blending with an eye shadow blush (especially in the crease) and topping with eyeliner. For the liner, a thick, clean line looks amazing with this look. It adds a bit of oomph to the natural shadow shades. And you don’t have to keep your smoky eye exclusive to the lid – a dab of brown shadow along the lower lash line creates more of a moody vibe while keeping the focus on the eye.

Soft Lip. Burgundy and red lips are the usual trends for fall, but with the glowing cheeks and bold eyes, I don’t see any reason to overdo it. Who cares what they say – a soft, romantic lip color is a good idea year round, if you ask me. Make sure to moisturize lips with something like Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment or simply lip conditioner beforehand. Then, using a shade of soft pink – one of the hues from your summer lip color collection totally works – apply a coat and toss it in your bag for touchups!

PS This makeup goes perfectly with browns and blacks for fall and shiny gold accessories! Will have to update you all with more pics later.


Hair-spiration: 5 Hair Wrap Ideas

One thing you may not know about me is, I love a good hair wrap. Depending on what the style is, scarves and headbands can pretty much work on any hair type, from short curls to long straight hair and more. You see ladies pairing them with countless different outfits too – from Solange Knowles’ laidback, bohemian fashion to Eva Mendes sporting basically every color turban headband under the sun. Lately, all these fabulous ways to show off your locks have been inspiring me to try new styles.

Tamera Mowry Natural Hair Wrap

To show you just how versatile they can be, today I’m sharing some of my favorite looks below. Scroll down to be inspired! :)

Scarf Hair Wrap

Piled High – Brush your curls upward and tie a brightly patterned scarf around the front of your head. Tie around the back or tuck in the ends all around the scarf. (Suturno Scarves)

The Shine Project - Hair Wrap

Bun Bow – For those with long hair, first create a twisted low bun. Then, tie a silk scarf around the top of the bun, into a voluminous bow. (The Shine Project)

RumraisinA Hair Wrap

Under Wraps – Instead of tucking the excess pieces of a square scarf underneath, wrap most or all of your hair in the fabric by folding it in two and allowing it to drape loosely over your head. Keeping it loose is great for taming flyaways and protecting hair. There are also headbands like the one above to achieve the same effect.

Turban Headband

Turban Style – You can wear a turban hat or one of these simple elastic headbands to smooth hair and tame flyaways. They come in all sorts of colors and patterns – like this teal from RumraisinA on Etsy.

Natural Hair Bow Wrap

The Big Bow – Like the bow bun, this style can be so cute and eye catching! Use an oversized scarf in a feminine print and wrap it around all of your hair (ladies with longer or thicker hair can try this while wearing a bun or leaving the ends out), and top it off with a flouncy bow. Remember for this, loose and voluminous is key to taking you from the big bows of your childhood to style statement appropriate for any age.

Which look is your favorite? Do you wrap your hair?