4 Places to Find Beautiful Personalized Jewelry

You know how some jewelry becomes such an integrated part of your style? Trends come and go but there will always be a few forever pieces (ring included, of course!). You might have seen or heard me talk about my “mommy” necklace – I love it so – and it’s one of those pieces. There’s nothing more meaningful jewelry-wise than a piece that’s custom or personalized. If you want to invest in some bling yourself or to give as a special gift, there are so many ways to go about it. These are my personal faves, starting with designer Jennifer Meyer, the talent behind my necklace.

Tamera Mowry Personalized Jewelry

Jennifer Meyer. Independent designers can be some of the best sources for personalized jewelry so when you stumble upon a brand as amazing as Jennifer Meyer you bookmark it for sure! 10 years after Meyer founded her brand, they still make each and every piece in their Los Angeles studio, including personalized ones like my mommy necklace.

Page Sargisson. Another designer with gorgeous fine jewelry is Page Sargisson. Here you’ll find one of a kind (the colors are amazing!) pieces made from found objects and the ability to have a customized piece created just for you. Another noteworthy perk of this jewelry line is that it’s made ethically and eco-friendly. No guilt over this purchase.

Etsy. I love discovering new shops on Etsy (like these baby girl clothes), and doing so for jewelry is no different. Etsy is a huge handmade marketplace so you can get lost in the search if you don’t know where to start. The options are endless! But plenty of designers offer stunning personalized jewelry, like The Modern BazaarUnmistakably Mine, and Jayne & James to name just a few.

Bauble Bar. This is an affordable site for the latest must-have jewelry pieces, many of which have a personalized flair. Their personalized jewelry section has monograms, states and charms. (Those alphabet studs and asymmetrical character necklaces are so pretty and dainty.) You can also build your own bracelet stack – the bright colors are so ideal for summer birthday gifts that have a thoughtful touch.

What’s your most important piece of jewelry? Share with me in the comments.


  • Nicole Crowley

    What would you recommend as a personalized God-mother gift?? I want to get the God-Mother of my son something really nice and personalized, but I don’t want it to be tacky. I want to get something nice, special, and something she will have forever. Would love to hear some great ideas!


    • Siza

      Hi Mommy we miss you and hubby here in South Africa remember Aden was conceived in South Africa,Africa loves you and familly baby Ariel is much welcome.

  • Nikki Cauley

    I have always admired your beautiful “MOMMY” necklace. I think these pieces of jewelry are amazing. I HAVE to have my wedding ring on so that’s a given but I also have to have a necklace on as well. No matter what the color or style. A necklace can be fun, spunky and classy. Thank you for the share. HUGS!

  • Sonja Jackson-Rubio

    Mommybracelets.com! It is one of my most treasured mommy jewelry. They have added a name strand when I had my third son and have completed all/any repairs hassle free to mine and my moms. We have had our bracelets for around 8 to 9 years!!! Wish I could post a picture!!! ???

  • Darshini Sheth

    Hi Tamera! I believe just about every piece has a story! I would love to share some pics of my personalized jewelry with you – and even make one for you! Where can I send you some photos?!

    Kindly from one mama to another!
    Darshini Sheth
    Designer, dna shoppe

  • Mari

    I have a necklace with my name on it from mynamenecklace.com it’s beautiful!

  • Ma

    Thanks Tamera. I love you but why do you always tweet the same story twice? Once is as effective.

  • Brittany Gabourel

    Love the chic mommy necklace! My fav piece of jewelry is my gold bar necklace that has my daughters’ name on it, Aeolani & Naomi. I got mine from POSHMOMMY which is also an independent designer and makes personalized jewelry, many celebs also wear her stuff! I also got the gold bar necklace because it’s like a timeless piece also. I too, wanted something I can wear forever :)

  • Chantal D

    Love this! Please check out Wynn Jewels as another place to get cute personalized jewelry made with love by a fellow mommy!!