Our Nighttime Rituals

One day while putting Aden and Ariah’s bathrobes back on the door after bath time, I couldn’t help but smile! They looked so adorable hanging there, which got me thinking all about our favorite nighttime rituals. Setting a nighttime routine is crucial in keeping your children aware of (dun dun dun) sleepy time.

Our Rituals

I find it makes it so much easier to get the kids down when there is a routine in place. Now that we’ve been a family of four for over a year now, we have an established bedtime routine that involves three very important things: 1) Bathtime, 2) Reading, and 3) Prayer.

By looping bedtime in with these three relaxing activities, it gives us all some much needed family time. By the end of a busy day, Adam and I want nothing more than to hang with our babies – we need this family time just as much as the kids do. Plus, it starts the winding down process. If you’re a parent you know how important this is! A wound-up little one and bedtime is a no go. Having a nice, warm bath and reading together lets them know it’s time to settle. And of course, we want to send them to bed with some positive thoughts and a heart full of gratitude, so reading and prayer are both important to us as a family.

Kids of different ages go to bed at different times of course, and I’ve learned to really cherish this! It’s nice that Ariah goes down an hour and a half earlier right now. I get some one on one time with Aden.

No matter what your routine is, the important thing is that it works for all of you – that it helps your children and provides that quality family time. Just know that it’s totally normal to get off track every now and then. We sometimes have a slumber party in our bed and watch kiddy movies – ah, the simple pleasures of being parents – so it’d be impossible to stick to the routine every night. But as long as there’s something in place that creates a sense of regularity for them, there won’t be any surprises when we tell them it’s bedtime.

Would love to hear about the routines you’ve established with your little ones – they’re so important!


  • Susan Young

    Children thrive on routines. As an educator of 30 years this translates into the classroom as well.

  • Lydia Wondwassen

    This is amazing. I want to start by saying that I adore you as a mother, wife and woman! So thank you for sharing with us. I have a little boy he’s 5 months old and we’re having a hard time with his bedtime. He’s up every couple hours. We’re trying to establish a routine now that he will stick with but I’ll give the warm bath every night a try! If you have anything that you remember doing with Ariah and Aden at that age please share!

    • Thank you Lydia! I hope the bath helps. Good luck getting in a routine :)

  • Charmaine Scott

    I love this. I had to learn getting into a routine the hard way when baby number 2 came. My kids are ten months apart and although their schedules are similar, they arent identical. So I’ve come up with a similar routine for them. I left out the prayer but I will start incorporating this for them instead of praying over them by myself.

  • Joan Chege

    I’d love to meet you Tamera.

  • Ina Turner

    Tamera, This is my absolutely favorite time of day! when we have all had a
    full day and to get everyone their baths!! which most times is a fun time in
    its self..lol. We do a devotional /which includes reading a short bible verse
    and we also sing a praise and worship song..Daddy usual leads this.
    Now that our kiddos are getting a little older we let them read to us(1&2 grades) checking their reading skills..lol, we still read to baby girl after the
    boys are in bed.. we also talk to our kiddos as to how their day was/anything
    they want to tell daddy and mommy and then we pray with and for them.
    We love our 3 blessings that God has trusted us with..and doing our best
    to raise them to be responsible/moral world changers..

    • That sounds like a great bedtime routine Ina. Xx