The Natural Girl’s Beauty Routine

On most days, I like to keep a natural makeup routine. There’s a time and a place to get all glammed up – like when I’m rocking one of my favorite evening dresses – but we all know that’s not every day! Skin needs a break every now and then, and besides – natural is a beautiful thing. Of course, it does take a little prep work…

Tamera Mowry Natural Hair & Makeup

Here’s a routine for the days you’re just not feeling that whole face of makeup, but still want to look as polished and perfected as possible. It’s a barely-there routine that’s actually barely there – no heavy makeup required. Instead, you’ll nourish and refresh your skin, and finish off the look with a little pop of color, if you like! It’s super easy to switch up too!

1. Do a proper cleansing by using a gentle but effective face wash like Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser, which eliminates impurities with vitamin C and antioxidants. Then, use a toner to freshen skin, tighten pores, and retain that healthy glow all day long. Thayer Witch Hazel Toner uses natural, organic ingredients like aloe vera to moisturize skin and give it that healthy look throughout the day.

2. Even out skin tone by applying a primer that nourishes skin. Water-based Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation primer contains vitamin C, and peptides to promote collagen and smooth imperfections. Even if you aren’t planning to wear foundation over it, you’ll gain a more polished and refreshed visage.

3. For instantly updated eyes, always curl your lashes. Though it’s an investment, a tool like Shu Uemura’s Eyelash Curler can work wonders on a barely-there look. Finish with a coat of your favorite mascara, but leave the shadows, liquid liners and dramatic colors behind for the day.

4. Add a pop of color with a tinted lip moisturizer. Something as simple as Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm will do the trick, but when I’m feeling daring, a swipe of red lipstick makes for a chic, yet natural daytime look that isn’t too glam, but just right!

What is your makeup routine? 


  • Brittanie Reeder

    I really enjoyed the blog spot! I also like to use a moisturizer that is all natural but has a hint of tint to it because my skin tone is much more uneven than yours! I am a mixed chick too and love to wear my hair natural. Thanks for posting!

    • Denise Anderson

      I have dark brown patches on the T area of my face and it makes me feel really bad about myself. I just recently started trying to wear makeup but even after viewing pretty much every how to apply makeup video I still can’t seem to get it right and now that I am almost 40 I feel as if there is no hope for me. If you’re ever in Tucson it would be so nice if you could come over and help me find the best and least expensive products that I can use and teach me how to get that nice natural look without having a ton of product caked on my face making me look like I’ve made myself up for Halloween but still being able to see the blotches on my face. I know it’s wishful thinking but they say a closed mouth don’t get fed so it was worth a try.

      • Jasmine

        Denise – I’ve used Ambi daily moisturizer for a few years now and it has faded my dark spots from breakouts consistently after two weeks of applying to my face (in the morning or night). I mainly use a rose hip oil from and Dermalogica sunscreen now as my daily moisturizer, but when i have a breakout and spots that I want gone, I switch to the Ambi moisturizer for a week or so until they’ve faded out. It may help you as well.

  • TT Talk (Fan Crew)

    Enjoyed reading this a lot! :) your natural beauty is absolutely STUNNING by the way Tamera. It’s always a beautiful joy to see you without makeup and sporting your natural hair. You are absolutely an doll

  • NisforNadine

    I love to have my eyebrows and lashes on point when I do a fresh face look. I enjoy using tinted moisturising lip balms when doing this specific look as it gives a sassy yet classic flare to the whole look. One thing that I have learnt is to drink more water!!! Automatically gives a flawless glow to the skin.

  • LaShanda

    Loved this post you are so beautiful Tamera! I like to have my brows done and my Younique 3D fiber lash mascara on. And also use Younique facial wash and moisturizer for my natural look works everytime.

  • Vanessa Dunn

    I don’t like wearing a lot of makeup. I feel natural beauty is better. If I have make up it needs to look like I have none on. You always look natural, so I would love to copy your look. :)

  • Guest

    Hi,kylie here.i used to enjoy watching sister sister,i really miss it..i jus admire i girls.ur one in a million

  • kylie

    Hi,kylie a great fan of u girls,i really admire u.used to enjoy watching sister sister.keep up ur gud motivational works

  • Phylicia Taylor

    This sound perfect; I do not usually wear makeup, but I love skin care!

  • Jasmine L. Knighton

    Loved your tips and even tried them myself! Fresh face, smash box primer, and a red deep lip for this coming fall!

  • Tamera! Your so gorgeous! I LOVE THIS! I use a lot of Mary Kay items for my makeup.

  • Guest

    I use cetaphil products. I have been looking for more natural products to use, so I’m glad I joined your page. I loved the website you had with your sister and I hope yours is here to stay because you give great information. Keep it up! And, I love you on The Real!

  • Dawna Major

    What do you use or suggest for a body soap and sunscreen?

  • I remember reading about your skincare routine some years back where you used Albolene (sp?) and a face scrub. Do you do still use these, and if not, what moisturizer/sunscreen are you using after the toner? I am in my late twenties and hoping to age as gracefully as you and your sis.

  • Jamia

    Love that wearing your natural tresses. It’s beautiful and looking forward to seeing it more. All the best!

  • Cherie

    I love that you’re natural and I think you’re wonderful.

  • Natural Beauty!