Our Family Photo Shoot

Pictures can say a thousand words. They can also encapsulate a time in our lives. That’s why I love being able to do photo shoots with Aden and Adam. By the end of the day we have multiple moments captured – there for us to enjoy for years to come. They’ll surely evoke emotions, remind us of a time when Aden was little, and reinforce our never ending love for the Giants. ;) And thanks to our favorite photographer, Katee Grace, the results of these shoots are always beautiful (though I am biased). Katee’s work is stunning! I was so happy to work with her recently to snap pictures of our little abode and to create content that I’ll be sharing with you all over the next few months.

Many think photo shoots are super glamorous or staged, for us, we love having them in our home – in our element. There will be plenty of these making their way onto the pages of my site, but for now here’s a little behind the scenes peek at our family photo shoot and one of my favorite resulting images.

Housley Family Photo Shoot
Housley Family Photo Shoot
Housley Family Photo Shoot
Housley Family Photo Shoot

One of my favorite moments from the day. :)

If you love Katee’s photos as much as I do, check out her website.


  • tjr_can

    So beautiful. LOVE your kitchen.

  • I absolutely love these photos! So gorgeous and seems so candid and genuine.. Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments!

  • Shonette Armstrong

    I love looking at photos of families where I see love beaming and yours are just that, lovely and warming. Continue capturing every moment girl.

  • From Mrs. to Mom

    I do yearly photos with my family as well. I like to have that moment in time captured. A capture of what our family was like in that moment.

  • Aw I’m watching the REAL now. Good job teaching Adam how to make collard greens :-)

  • Ebony

    Tamera – I really wish you and Tia would continue doing your reality show on E!. I enjoyed it…this was one reality show I would watch that didn’t portray women (black women) as always wanting to fight one another. Anyhoo…your family looks great. Aden is absolutely precious!!!!

    • tjr_can

      I agree Ebony. That show was such an inspiration for young women and well just women in general. I admire their values and even though no one is perfect they are what is right in the entertainment industry- two hard working moms and wives, living their dreams and sharing their struggles. I was so sad when it ended :-(. I wish it would return!!

  • Chantel

    Please donate to help our Mom get treatment for #breastcancer please help save her life http://gofundme.com/efhkc4 Thank you

  • Kim

    Beautiful family and home! I wish you were still doing the reality show so we could see more! I appreciate seeing the behind the scenes!

  • Ina Turner

    Tamera,I love all of your blogs,but I have to admit,love when you show pictures of you with your family so sweet,that little Aden is so adorable and growing so fast you need to capture every moment. Your home is beautiful,your husband looks happy and your son is adorable.Family is everything. Blessings to you and family.

  • jackie canada

    what a lovely family.

  • Very nice! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  • Shannon Marie Fog

    You are so pretty Tamera. You have a great little family. God bless and Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Lola

      You sicken me.

  • abby

    Beautiful pictures Tamera, while looking at your photos Tamera I was having some cookies before bedtime, but seeing how good you look I’ve put that cookies right away. you are really a role model for all our ladies,Aden is growing beautiful, keep on posting Tamera. God Bless.

  • Christy Cooks

    Nice pics…wish u would consider a reality show!!!!luv u guys!!!

  • Jenna

    So beautiful! You and your family are so wonderful!

  • Jennifer Torres

    Picture Perfect! Thank you for sharing these pictures! Your family is blessed and beautiful! Your home is to die for! Congratulations on your success and hard work! Your the best!!! I love you :)

  • Robyn

    Girl, when you gon’ make the announcement??? I see that stomach growing! You not fooling me. Congratulations!! Hope it’s a girl, because she is going to be so freaking gorgeous!

    • Haley Autry

      FINALLYYYY OMG I KNOW RIGHT! !?? No one notices. I scrolled through all her comments and no ones catching on. I watch the REAL daily. Photos where her hands are not in the way are cropped. Shes been wearing dresses that poof under the boob to hide the belly. Its very very obvious, cant wait to find out what your having! Pleaae dont wait too long.

  • Janina Wiggins

    Love these! Having family photos done is such a joy. I might be bias as a photographer. :-)

  • Peggy Gutierrez

    tamera you have a nice home and a beautiful family.nice photo’s.

  • joy

    I’m a Big fan of hers since sister sister. It’s awesome that she and her husband and her son are Giants fans. Go Giants!

  • isoline Simon

    The casual family photo is amazing, I am going to make a copy. Love. love it.

  • Lisa

    Beautiful! I teared at the last picture!

  • stacyann

    Beautiful family

  • Azaria

    Beautiful Family.

  • Carla Killam

    Beautiful shots you captured the ruins magnificently. I’m from Belize so I know. I’ve lived in the states for a long time and made a family and home here but a piece of my heart still remains in Belize. Love you. Congrats on baby Ariah. Which also is my childhood best friends name but no H at the end. I’m Also enjoying a baby girl too she’s gonna be a year old July 30th. It’s the best feeling ever. Enjoy as you know they become toddlers so quickly. All the best to you.
    Love Carla Killam

  • Crystal Rose

    I love seeing you and your sister do so many positive things. What an inspiration. You’re blessed with a beautiful family!