Mommy Monday: How to Manage Morning Sickness

If you ask any pregnant woman what the least fun part of the first few months was you’ll likely hear morning sickness. While adjusting to the fact you’ll be putting on a little weight isn’t terribly exciting, it’s the uninvited bouts of nausea that affect you most. When you have to work, tend to other family members, or be on set like myself, it can make these moments miserable. Heck, feeling sick isn’t cool even when you have nothing to do!

Morning Sickness

During my first pregnancy with Aden it was all new to me. I read and asked friends and family about their own experiences. Now that Adam and I are adding a little girl to the mix, I feel more prepared. While everyone’s experiences are different, I thought I’d touch more on morning sickness because so many brought up their struggles in my first trimester post. So, if you’re thinking about getting pregnant or just received the great news (congrats!), here are a few things to keep in mind to help get you through potentially nauseating days.

Drink lots of water. I touched on this before, but it really is a lifesaver. When you get dehydrated, you become more nauseated, so it’s important to get fluids down any way you can. Try sipping water, sucking ice cubes or adding more vegetables and fruits into your diet to pick up the slack when that eight glass of water just seems too much. If you do throw up, you’ll want to have fluids within to make the experience less painful.

Keep fresh scents near by. Sometimes my stomach turned when I smelled something less than pleasant. During pregnancy your smell is heightened so the likelihood of this happening increases a great deal. You can battle it by keeping your house fragrant with candles, and if you’re out and about, carry an essential oil dropper or roller with you for a quick blast of lemon, peppermint or lavender.

Find the right snacks. This may take some trial and error to begin with but finding those foods that calm your stomach can be a game changer. Crackers, some fruits or foods with a fairly bland tastes are your best bet to start. It’s the fatty foods that can lead to even bigger bouts of sickness. I know that’s easier said than done, but little morsels of food frequently are better than nothing at all.

Eat or drink a little ginger. This worked wonderfully for me this time around. I combatted a good deal of my morning sickness with ginger tea. If tea isn’t your thing, there are other ways to try ginger for anti-nausea such as ginger candies, cutting off a small piece from raw ginger and adding it to your water, ginger bread or as one reader had recommended you can try ginger ale.

Carry a survival kit. If you do have to be out all day and are worried that you won’t make it through without getting sick in public, carry a little pack of essentials. Keep a toothbrush, crackers, an extra top, some mouthwash, maybe a little ginger tea, a little baggy or anything else that you know you might need. If you’re destined to be sick in public, better to be prepared than not at all. Gag Bagz makes a cute on-the-go kit.

And remember, if you’re feeling sick, no one says you need to push through and act as though nothing is wrong. You don’t need to tell coworkers you’re pregnant prematurely or stress your body out as you have a beautiful life growing within. And you shouldn’t feel bad that you can’t work or tend to the house. Instead, relax. Take a sick day when needed or plan one a week out to avoid any at work mishaps.

Have any other tips? Share them with other expecting mommies below.


  • kelly

    I was never sick when i had my son and sooo sick when i was pregnant with my daughter. one thing that really helped me was watermelon. Swear it got me through that first trimester!

  • Renee G

    When I was pregnant with my twins..nothing worked for me..but I had HG what princess Kate had….vomiting 20 plus times a day….I lost 25 lbs….I had a midline IV in and even had home health care…It was a nightmare…it was so bad I almost died from it and I had my twins premature at 26 weeks. Thank goodness they are now 4.5 and in perfect health now!!!

  • downtownjs

    Getting those motion sickness bands, help me while I was at work and eating or drinking stuff with ginger.

    • downtownjs


  • Carbajal Bibi

    Sucking on limes whenever you feel you need to vomit or feeling sick

  • Elyse ‘Mimi’ Jackson

    the preggie pops from Babies R Us really helped keep nausea to a minimum for me!

  • Andrea Done

    Nothing helped me; I couldn’t keep water down! I tried everything I could think of and I finally had to give in and take nausea medication. It was the only way I was able to eat or drink anything. 14 weeks later the nausea disappeared! At 20 weeks we found out we were having identical twin boys; guess I had too many hormones x2!

  • Cole

    When I feel a bout of nausea coming, I eat a small meal or snack; like a side salad or a handful of nuts!!! Then, I drown in a tall mean glass of H20.

  • Erendida Tobon

    Im 15 weeks but I have morning sickness and every time before or after I eat I vomitt…I’ve tried everything … Any suggestions???

  • Melody Jewel

    motion sickness wrist bands called Sea Bands were my bff during my pregnancy. These bands are made of sweatband like fabric and have a plastic centered ball covered in plastic that you put on your wrists. the ball presses on a pressure point in your wrists that regulate nauseousness. They are painless and canbe purchased at any CVS, WALGREENS, Walmart etc.

  • Lovin Myangels Nicole

    I’ve tried all of this…I’m now 18wks and I still have morning sickness…I have 3 other kids and a husband to take care of…how do you get through the guilt of not being able to do absolutely nothing, knowing they really need you?? My husband understands but, our 5,7&8 year old doesn’t….they just miss mommy. At the same time I can not eat anything I cook, but my husband cooks and I gobble it up. This is the first pregnancy where we’ve dealt with morning sickness and honestly, it starting to make me depressed…

    • Rose Reyes

      I just had my son whos gonna be 8 weeks old tomorrow and im a single mom and my daughter just turned 2. U just have to make special play dates with them do something extra special so that even.if u cant cook u can catch up on qt time the kids. Maybe have them all in bed with u and play some of their favorite movies or make some ice cream sundaes.

    • Joy~Renae

      Girl, don’t cook. Sometimes the look and smell of food esp meat during the process makes the nausea worse. I went through that these past few weeks. As far as the kiddies maybe they can spend time with you in bed either reading or playing a game to ease them missing mommy. Hopefully this helps.

    • lydia

      I want to say dont be depressed but it is absolutely normal. I am 13 weeks and even though i feel a little better there are still hard days. I couldnt do ANYTHING and it made me cry all the time. I was so depressed but keeping open communication with your husband and children are best…let them know how your feeling and why. I explain it to my 7 year old daughter and she has been a great help..of course sometimes she doesnt understand shes 7 but the fact that i talk about it with her really helped me.

  • Rose Reyes

    Chew on mint leaves they also help with nausea. I was the mom that had all day sickness for the whole 9 months. Was worse with my daughter than my son hope this helps i discovered this trick with my son with my daughter wish i had it then

  • Greggandkay Sussman

    Hi Tamera! My second pregnancy was really challenging for me. My sense of smell heightened significantly, to the point I couldn’t use any sented body wash or deodorant. Everything I smelled trigger nausea and caused me to run to the bathroom or garbage can. Tea and ginger helped a lot during my first pregnancy but not with my second. What helped was sucking on 100% fruit ice pops–coconut and raspberry was my preference. Water was an addiction during my first pregnancy, but with my second it was like a chore, it made me feel more sick. What helped was when it was ice cold or I would drink seltzer water.

    I’m not sure if this happened with you, but with my second pregnancy I began showing within a month or two of my pregnancy–completely the opposite of my last pregnancy. I’ve always enjoyed knowing the secret of my little one growing inside me before showing. However, people were asking me when I was only two months pregnant. I didn’t know how to respond because I’ve always been cautious of not telling until 15 weeks, and I’ve noticed people are okay asking if someone is pregnant–something I never do unless someone discloses to me. This was a challenge for me and I’m not sure if anyone else felt this way too.

    • Cole

      I’m like 8 weeks and I have a bump. Lol but I’ve had two c sections so that bump is just a lil bit of everything….

  • christina W

    Ok so I had morning sickness with all 4 of my pregnancies but the worst is with my daughter I am 25 weeks now and still get issues with it at night. I thought I was dying with being pregnant with my boys but hell no the girl is way worse the first trimester was honey dew melons, second tri was rice and salty foods, now its water??? yeah I am goin through it and I lost 24 pounds lol but I am all belly now and carrying very high.

  • Ronda Jones Cain

    I wore sea band wrist bands for motion sickness like I was wonder woman….lol and drank ginger tea. Saved me

  • Stormy Stark

    They make a pretty amazing ginger gum too. A lot of the candies had a burn to them that made the nausea worse for me (that scorching feeling in the back of your throat). The gum doesn’t have that same aspect to it. A good family friend also suggested making the ginger tea and then freezing it into ice cubes that could be sucked on. I don’t have morning sickness but I have chronic nausea and I agree with everything you listed above. And the hardest part is definitely staying hydrated.

  • Mosunmade

    When I was pregnant,mint chewing gum helped me through…

  • Darlene

    Hi Tamera, you were so right on when you said “Thank God For Second Trimester”.
    Having each trimester go thru three rounds can differently be challenging but it helps with time management. I was happy to see you post the natural juice because that is so good for you & the baby. I’m a vegan now and was a vegetarian when I had my daughter almost 17 years ago. God is good.

    My second trimester began the night Princess Diana was involved in that tragic accident and the next morning I was bent over in pain due to fibroids. So glad I had a great doctor in Atlanta that got be thru it. However I remember making fresh homemade sesame milk (nut milk) each day for my calcium intake. My appetite was shot. The only thing I could tolerate was the Boost drink for vitamins.

    I was pretty much on bed rest, but I got thru it feeling tired, always hungry (without an appetite and managing my lack of patience by watching TV Land Channel. I saw every episode twice of Gomer Pyle, Family Affair and a few other oldies.

    Lifting you and your family in prayer. Anyway, if I think of anything else than I’ll get back with you here. Continue to “be you”. Stay strong and healthy. RealTalk

  • Roberta Biamonte

    Dramamine works wonderfully!! You can get it at any pharmacy, CVS or Walgreens. Its for nauseousness and you will be hungry and Able to eat after taking it… It helped me so much that I ate a cheeseburger after I took it. Problem is, it worked so well for me that I couldn’t go a day w/o taking it. But, I was able to get out of bed, go to work and most importantly, eat!

    Consult with your OBGYN before taking anything. Just to be cautious.

  • Roberta Biamonte
  • lydia

    Hello everyone. Sucking on lemons or just the smell of them helped. When i had my daughter 7 years ago I did not feel like this at all so this is all new to me. Im having a boy now and he is making himself known lol. Sour patch candy helped to. I know it may not be that healthy but being able to keep something down was enough for me.

  • Heather Roebuck

    Prescription anti nausea medicine

  • Guest

    I will be about 4 months pregnant and a few days and I heard through the second trimester it will be such a relieve for me I pray. However, I must say the 3 months has been a battle for me but I’m almost through it thank you Jesus. As for advice, women who just found out they are pregnant or at an earlier stage of pregnancy which I know some won’t have any symptoms while others will be battling morning sickness and other symptoms but if I can make it through the first trimester I know you all can make it through. Just eat small portion and drink ginger to keep the food down.

  • Nomusa Mano Sibanyoni

    Thanks Tamera, expecting my 2nd baby as well. It as been such a roller coaster hey. My 1st baby ‘s first trimester was a breeze, I sometimes think it was the excitement of having a 1st child maybe? This one is a girl again and we are so thrilled, we wanted another baby girl, but she keeps me in my blankets most days , I am sick most days, I have not found the food types that work for me as yet and I am in my 2nd trimester already :-(

  • Nawaal Domingo

    When I was pregnant I lived on ginger ale and water, I was nauseous for 7 months of my pregnancy, from morning till the time I go to bed,the ginger ale made it easier. I couldn’t eat much any any strong smell especially, onions would just make me extremely queasy.