How to Save Time in Your Day

Happy New Year guys! Do you do resolutions each year? This is my first full year with two little ones, and my schedule is already jam-packed. Resolutions can be well meaning, as long as they don’t put a ton of pressure on you. Let’s be real, we have enough going on! Instead of a resolution post today, I decided to share how to save time, rather than pile on the tasks. Why not? I’m sure we could all use it!

How to Save Time

The trick to saving time in your day is cutting out the unimportant things that hang us up and in the end, don’t really contribute to a fulfilling day. They’re the things we could do without. So when you’re running around all day (the mom fog is real guys), it pays to be organized! Here are 5 ways to do just that: 

Group tasks together. Ever wonder why even the simplest daily tasks in our lives tend to take forever? We’re doing too much switching back and forth. It’s one thing to juggle multiple responsibilities, but without a plan in place, you can end up driving yourself nuts running from here to there (and not just physically, mentally too). By grouping like tasks together – like scheduling out an afternoon just for errands or making it a point to group appointments/meetings all in the same proximity, you minimize travel times and transitions. Even just deciding that you’ll make all your phone calls in one sitting rather than at varying points in the day can make a huge difference.

Delegate. If you’ve got the help of a partner… Use it! That’s what a support system is there for. Divide and conquer. If you and your spouse plan out the things you’re going to accomplish beforehand, like running errands and picking up dinner, you’ll cut out a ton of extra trips and time spent going back and forth. Of course, communication is key, and if you really need help – ask for it!

Utilize your phone. Lists are nice but they’re easy to forget and a phone is something you have on you all the time. Why not put it to work for you? Make use of your calendar and notes page. It’s up to you whether you want to download planning apps to help stay organized, but simply utilizing all those features your phone likely has built in may just change your life. Seriously.

Use downtime wisely. Downtime is different than your post-work PJs and TV time – it’s not relaxing or productive. Anything from time spent in waiting rooms, for laundry to be done or food to finish cooking, can be spent wisely. Whether it’s making calls or working on the next day’s to-do so you don’t wake up already feeling behind, these are moments that can be insanely helpful. Multitasking itself can be ineffective, but downtime is fair game.

Expect the unexpected. Parents and busy professionals alike know how easy it is to get sidetracked by all things life, so it’s best to be prepared. The worst is when something unexpected totally throws you off your game, so my solution? Have an “anything can happen” attitude, even over the smallest events. When you have two littles you have to be prepared with extra clothes, toys and activities, for example – the mood can change at anytime, lol.

Try these methods and let me know how they worked – I hope it frees up more time to focus on what’s important.

Happy New Year!


  • lady j

    Happy New year! No resolutions! I just am thankful to be alive have health and strength. I plan on getting my exercise zone and healthy eating plan back on track. My health is my wealth. Have to do better to receive the best that God has for me.

  • Ina Turner

    Tamera, Wishing You and Your family a Blessed and Joyous New Year from Our family to Yours. While My Hubby and I do not make New Year resolutions,we do access what has work for us the past year,and resolve to correct or tweak to get back on the right track. But we have resolve to have fun and enjoy raising Our 3 Kiddos even more,sometime we are so busy working and taking care of them we don’t enjoy how wonderful they are,also resolve to continue to raise Our kiddos according to God Word,and not whats PC or what the World say is right…God,Family and Work…That’s Our Focus this New Year. BTW, love the points you made in your blog above always enjoy your blog when I have a chance to visit…Blessings