Fresh Homemade Lemonade

From watermelon juice to infused waters, I think it’s clear that the Housleys love a refreshing summer drink. With Fourth of July coming up, not to mention summer parties, this is an easy, simple, and delicious drink to share. Here’s how to make a batch for 4-6, though you may just want to whip up a single serving whenever you crave a treat ;)…

First, gather your ingredients…

• 5-6 lemons for juicing, depending on size and if you save wedges for garnish
• 1 cup sugar
• 1 cup water + 5 additional cups

IMG_3902 w_logo

These lemons were huge!

To dissolve the sugar better, you can create a simple syrup by boiling the first cup of water with the sugar on low heat. Do this first, then set aside to let cool, and cut your lemons.

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Then it’s time to get juicing…

Note: 1 cup of lemon juice = about 6 lemons. Also, if yours are Meyer lemons, keep in mind they’re sweeter!

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Next, if you want, strain out the pulp before adding it to your cooled simple syrup mix. Or just drink as-is! Lastly add in your water. If you used all your lemons and sugar, mix in 5 cups of water. Then adjust ingredients to taste. Make a batch then serve it up in cute mason jar cups for summer…

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Gotta try a glass first, right?

Add basil or mint, or even berries for an added twist.


Photo: Katee Grace Photography
  • catherine

    Thank you for the Recipe Tamera, You look #Pretty

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    Mmmm this will be delish and pretty garnished with some raspberries.

  • Taja Fox

    Great recipe Tamera. I will definitely try this at our next barbecue.

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    Thank you for the recipe Tamera. This has always been one of those recipes I’ve desired to try and I believe I shall! HUGS!

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    Tamera that looks refreshing can I replace the sugar with something else,must tell you, today I made me your green juice that you were sharing on the REAL.Love your blog Tamera.

  • I’ve been thinking about getting the juicing attachment for my Kitchenaid. I want to drink more fresh juice, but I’m too lazy to squeeze everything just by hand!

    • Look@meLook@me

      lol….I here you! It’s not that bad once you get started, you’ll get hooked! Good luck!

  • Emma Monica Martinez Ochoa

    In Mexico, we add chia seeds to our lemonade. They get kind of slimy, but that’s what’s fun about it…and they are crunchy if you chew them!

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    Love it!

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    You and your sister are doing amazing things and everything is positive. I will definitely try this recipe! Keep up the positive image.

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    Try a splash of pure vanilla in your lemonade, yummy. You will never have lemonade without it again.