Daily Planner Printouts To Keep You Organized

Daily Planner Printouts

I am big fan of making lists! Without jotting down all of my to-do’s and goals each day, I feel totally lost and unorganized. I am also someone who still likes to hand write out my daily tasks … There is something therapeutic about putting pen to paper, as opposed to making a list in my phone or on my computer.

I really enjoy taking a few minutes each morning to write out my daily agenda. In addition to my schedule, I also tend to jot down my goals I have for the day, things I am thankful for, and any other little notes that come to mind. It’s amazing what you can accomplish and realize about yourself when you stop to think your thoughts and feelings each day. In a way, writing out your daily schedule like this is similar to having a mini daily journal entry.

Never able to find a daily planner that has everything I need on one page, I recently decided to just create my own daily planner printouts! I wanted to share them with you guys so that hopefully you can print them out and enjoy them as much as I do!

To download them, just right click, save and then print!

Let me know in the comments below if these help you feel more organized and balanced!











  • Jasmine Gartrell

    Tamera! I’m new to your website and I’m the same when it comes to making lists and staying organized. Theses printouts are sooo cute and helpful! I can’t wait to make copies and have my day all planned out!


    Jasmine G.

  • Stefanie

    LOVE these, thank you SO much for sharing them with your fans! I’ve recently been on the hunt for a planner and/or calendar and just can’t find anything that captures what I really wanted. Until I saw your tweet about this today. So excited to try it and get a better handle to the start of each day. :-). And these are so pretty, too!

  • Francillette

    I’m lost without a planner too ! These printouts are fabulous!!! Thank
    You !! 🤗💕

  • Dara Taylor

    You should consider creating and selling your own planner. I’m a huge planner fan. I use the Passion Planner which is extremely practical but lacks the beauty that you have here on your planner sheets. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Tiffany Shelton

    Love these!

  • Markesha Thomas

    The self care section is what sets this apart from average planners! Thank you for reminding people!

  • Racheal Kabs

    These are great Tamera, they are something I always wished I had, especially the part that will remind me to be thankful each day . Thanks for sharing .

  • Celina Coll

    So beautiful and unique. Thank you for sharing 💕

  • Thanks so much for sharing. It’s important for me to use pen and paper to clear my mind and make things feel final. I also need space to have my thoughts and tasks organized in one place to achieve focus. :)

  • Jennifer Dolce

    Thank you so much I love the idea.

  • Lorenda Lurene Ferrell

    Great idea I sometimes feel so all over the place with three children who are preteen and a husband so I will be using this thank you😊

  • Zemarra Singleton

    Loved these!! Thank you very much for your wisdom, insight, and love!

    P.S. I was such a fan in the 90s, I convinced my mom and grandmother to name my sister after you in 1999. ^_^ just thought I’d share!

  • Charmain Walkin

    Lol, I put together one last week for work, I am going to borrow some of your ideas, daily workout and the headings. Thanks!!!!

  • Sarah Nickens

    Tamera this is awesome!! You should really consider producing your version and selling them. Every section you have is so useful!!! It would also be pretty nice if you had a section for daily scripture.

  • Tracy T

    Thank you, this was greatly need!

  • Leona Dooley

    Thank you so much for sharing your planning techniques.

  • Donna Helton

    Tamera these are great! I make a daily to do list as well. I like how you can look at one sheet for appointments, gratitude, and a reminder to make time for ourselves!

  • valina garcia

    Thank you very much, I’m always looking for template to keep my day organized at work and home and these are so cute… Thank You.

  • Jenean Lendor

    Thank you so much for this! It is so helpful and so much appreciated!

  • Katara Hofmann

    These are awesome!!

  • KMA
  • Zeze the X

    Theses are bomb. To help with my minimalism pursuits – I’ve printed my favorite two and laminated them. So I can reuse and switch out a page depending on my mood. I write on them with dry erase markers. A great way to start my day!

  • Almira Mae Cainglet

    I re-watched Twitches the other night and i come across to your Instagram and it led me here. hahah I’m so happy i found these cuties because i love writing on my planner to organize my tasks esp in school activities. Thank you for this Tamera!! love the cute designs!!!!