3 Easy DIY Hair Masks for Natural Hair

As much as I like to stick to a healthy diet, in part because it also improves the look and feel of my skin and hair, there also happens to be a lot of topical ways to apply superfoods in order to reap their many benefits. I don’t think I’m alone in requiring a regular deep condition to keep my strands manageable, and if there’s an ingredient in my pantry that might be able to do the trick – why not give it a try? Who doesn’t want to achieve that post-salon softness without actually leaving the house, anyway?

Try these 3 easy DIY hair masks for natural hair that’s in need of a boost:

3 DIY hair masks for natural hair - Tamera Mowry

Yogurt + Honey

This is a classic hair mask that helps conditioned parched hair. Nutrition-packed Greek yogurt can soften hair, add shine and even help detangle curls. Simply apply to hair after washing and leave on for twenty minutes before rinsing. I’ve seen versions of this mask with Manuka honey (for its scalp-cleansing antibacterial properties) and coconut oil for an added dose of moisture.

Avocado + Eggs

This old school mask is made by combining an avocado and whole egg with a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of olive oil (coconut oil is always an option – and smells so nice you really can’t go wrong). Make sure all ingredients are thoroughly blended, so you don’t end up with chunks of avocado in your hair. Apply and wait for 20+ minutes before thoroughly rinsing.

Banana  + Coconut Milk

This last deep conditioning mask is as simple as can be, requiring only two ingredients, but flexible enough that you could add honey or yogurt to for added oomph. You’ll make more than enough for one hair mask if you combine a ripe banana with a cup of full-fact coconut milk. Quick tip – This is one you’ll probably want to combine in a blender if you can – it’s tougher than you think to completely combine the two.

Of course, if DIY isn’t your thing, you can always opt for one of the masks below:


Have you gone the DIY route with your hair before? Click here for 3 easy DIY face masks to round out your at-home routine.


Guys, It’s Officially Happened…

Just wanted to quickly pop in and say, guess what? I officially need glasses! They made their debut on The Real recently, so there’s no hiding the fact that got myself a pair of specs! I definitely thought I’d make it to 40 before even thinking of glasses, but it happened and I’ve decided to be fully accepting of it.

Tamera Mowry Glasses

Actually, I’m not only going to be accepting of it, I’m going to embrace it. I’ve learned a lot of life lessons over the past few years and one is that there are just some things you shouldn’t fight. If we spend all our time chasing youth, for example, we miss out on all the wonderful things happening in the present moment. And if we worry too much about the future – pretty much the same thing happens, we miss out. It’s nice to just take life as it comes sometimes and say – oh well, it is what it is! Grateful to be alive and to see the world as I do. With the help of a cute pair of glasses of course, lol.

Guys!! It's happened. I officially need glasses ! 39 here I come!!! Thought I'd make it to 40 without having to wear them. But oh well. #gratefultobealive

Has the New Year brought you any surprises so far? Would love to hear your stories.

Wear It: My Fave Bow Adorned Shoes

Hey guys! Okay, I know it’s not spring quite yet, but halfway through February is good enough, right? Valentine’s Day definitely put me in the mood for pretty pinks and tons of bows, and I have to say, pink bows aren’t just for Ariah. Here are some chic ways to rock this look as you wait for spring:


Crew Emery flats (on sale) / Denim lace up flat / Nine West off white flats / Grey midi heel / Mid tie block heel / Topshop ankle d’orsay pump / Kristin Cavallari peep toe bootie (four colors) / Side tie western bootie / Kandiss sandal

The toe bow. Seen on many flats like in the first row above, the bow toe will give any flat a romantic ballet dancer look. If you get it in a shiny patent leather, you can get the chic factor without breaking the bank.

The d’orsay bow. The d’orsay trend, where the dorsal (top) of the foot is exposed but heels and toes are not, is one of the most flattering styles, and they’re not too impractical for cooler days. When you see this style with a bow on it, it’s usually a tie up like the Topshop ankle d’orsay pump and denim flat.

The tie up. The tie up bow takes a nod from ballet shoes without looking too cutesy. My tip? If you’re going to wear this type of bow for a daytime look, go with a bootie or flat. Save the heels for a night on the town!

Do you like the bow tie look? Shop my picks below:


My Skincare Secrets: What Your Phone Does to Your Skin

I have to admit, I’m on my phone a lot. It’s like a computer, organizer, camera, map, AND phone in one. But as convenient as all that is, did you know that it could be taking a toll on your skin—possibly even contributing to premature aging? Skincare isn’t just about finding the best face wash or going to the spa every now and then, it’s about our daily actions. Make sure your tech devices aren’t negatively affecting your skin in any of these ways:

Skincare & Tech - Tamera Mowry

Bacteria and Tech. Since our phones and tech devices are held in our hands, they inevitably pick up whatever we touch. That means doors, bags, items on our shopping lists—all are touched by our hands. That’s not such a big deal until you think about using your hand to touch the phone, then touching your face with the phone, directly afterward. That’s a lot of bacteria to transfer! Combat this by keeping a non-drying hand sanitizer in your bag at all times, and be sure to regularly wipe down your tech with surface wipes.

Wrinkles and Tech. When your head is always looking down, it’s not only bad for your neck and shoulders, it can lead to wrinkles there too, especially since skin on the neck is very sensitive. I try to limit my time spent looking straight down anyway as it can cause SO much unwanted tension, but we’re probably all doing it more than we want to be. Investing in a tightening serum or night cream will help offset the effects.

Stress and Tech. Lastly, those who are plugged in 24/7, especially for their jobs, tend to have stress associated with these activities. Whether it’s the physical stress of starting at a screen or sitting without proper posture all day (yikes, who’s guilty?) or the mental stress of having a high-pressure job that involves constant communication, there’s a lot of ways our digital world an affect us in not-so-great ways. Stress can actually cause skin issues, such as breakouts and rashes, not to mention those infamous tired eyes… Make sure unplug regularly!

In the end, it’s important to know how all sorts of factors affect skin health, inside and out!

Do you have any skincare secrets to share?

PS: Read more of my skincare secrets here.


5 Ways to Declutter your Wardrobe

Guys, I have a question for you: How many days a week do you look through your closet and think “I have nothing to wear”. All the time, huh? It’s not always about how much you have, but whether or not you actually have wearable things, those that you feel comfy and confident in. There’s a huge difference! I’ve been doing some pre-spring cleaning to simplify my life, and wanted to pass along 5 easy steps for a clutter-free wardrobe filled with ONLY what you really love to wear. Here we go….

5 Ways to Declutter Your Wardrobe

Minimize it. The most obvious route to a more simple closet is to purge everything you don’t truly love and want to keep. As much as you may dread this, you’ll feel so much better once you’ve separated what you no longer enjoy from what you really want to grab. My tip? If you have a habit of keeping things you don’t really need, make sure to go through and actually try on each piece of clothing – that way you’ll know right away whether you like it on or just think it’s fabulous… on the hanger.

Organize it. Next up is a little wardrobe rehab. Organize what’s left in a way that works for you and how you think when you’re getting dressed in the morning. This can be by putting what you pull from the most front and center, putting together outfit combos right on the hanger, separating by type of clothing, or any other way! The key is to make it work for you.

Note it. Take a step back and analyze your results so far – now what do you need? Are you missing some key wardrobe pieces that would for complete outfits you actually love to rock? If so, take a little inventory. Instant shopping list for next time you hit the mall!

Rent it. Now that you’ve de-cluttered, it might be tempting to simply fill it back up with all the clothes you’ve been eyeing. One way to make sure you don’t fall back into this cycle of full closet but nothing to wear, is to rent items you know you’re only going to wear once. Sites like Rent The Runway and Le Tote allow you to rent pretty much every fashionable item under the sun without ever going to a store. This is especially helpful for those of you who love designer clothes but hate the price tag or time spent at the mall. It’s one way to look as stylish as you want, while keeping your closet minimal and free of clothes that will just collect dust anyway.

Thank about it. Hopefully by this step you have a more clear idea of what you need to add to your closet to make it complete. This doesn’t mean you need to go on a shopping spree (as tempting as that is). But keep those notes handy every time you click “add to cart” or get in line at a department store, so you can check whether you really need something or are giving in to an impulse buy you might regret later.

When’s the last time you did a major wardrobe revamp?


Photo: emily @ go haus go via VisualHunt.com / CC BY

Wear It Again: 8 Winter Coats That Never Go Out of Style

For my latest style guide, I’ve made a special edition Wear It post in honor of the winter coat. Winter coats can be spendy, and like a good pair of boots, they aren’t something you just toss after the season is over. When it comes to investment pieces, I choose timeless styles over trends — that way, you get the most bang for your buck and can wear it for winters to come. These 8 classic styles never go out of fashion, in my opinion…

8 Classic Winter Coats That Never Go Out Of Style - Tamera Mowry

Madewell military jacket / Topshop rain mac / Harrods wool angora coat / dusty pink biker jacket / tall pebble short padded coat / trench coat with pockets / dusty pink fall away jacket / tall chevron padded parka

From the military jacket (or any type of army-green coat) to wool wrap coats and everything in between, these types of jackets keep you warm and toasty without giving you that stale “I wear the same thing everyday” feeling during frigid winter months. That’s why when shopping for a winter coat I like to see how it looks open as well as fully closed. No one wants to feel trapped within those zippers and buttons, and it’s nice to have some versatility.

Need a classic coat you can wear again but still want to make a statement? Think of colors and accents you know you’ll gravitate toward year after year. Even a basic rain coat can be beautified with a cute color or patterned lining. And one last tip: don’t forget to opt for a style you know flatters your figure. If you drown in long coats or conversely don’t like where those chunky wool ties hit you in a wrap coat, chances are you won’t when the next season rolls around either! Don’t invest in something you don’t truly love.

Which coat is your fave? Or, do you already have a staple this winter? Be sure to pin this image to your style board for next time you need inspiration!