My 2017 Hair Diary


2017 was an amazing year for me for many, many reasons — I have so much to be thankful for! It was also a year that I decided to really embrace the idea of accepting myself for who I am, and building my self confidence …. Part of that personal journey for me was letting my hair go natural, and having some fun with curly hair styles! As long as I feel good about my hair, that’s what matters, right?!

Don’t get me wrong, I love to wear my hair long and straight sometimes too, but 2017 was truly the year of rocking the curls! With the help of my amazing hairstylist on The Real, Rachel B. Mason, we have been able to get creative, and let my personality shine though my look this year.

Today I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite hair looks from 2017 (with Halloween being an especially fun one, even though it was a wig). I hope you guys enjoy my hair photo diary!

Has switching up your hair ever made you feel more empowered and confident? Comment below and let me know, I would love to hear your story!  
























My Favorite Makeup For A Bronzy Glow

Tamera Mowry Beauty

Winter has officially set in, and that means that any trace of a natural sun-kissed glow is officially gone (sigh). But just because the season has changed, doesn’t mean you have to leave behind that beautiful bronzed look that everyone lusts after. You can easily create that same bronzed goddess look with the right cosmetics!

The bronzed and warm-skin look is absolutely one of my favorite styles of glam … It so natural and versatile! It is subtle enough to wear during the day, but add a little dark eyeliner, and it is a perfect look to wear at night. Being someone who is always trying to protect her skin from the sun, I have spent lots of time learning how to master the perfect bronzed look all year long (especially with the help of some great makeup artists).

Here are some of my favorite go-to products that I use to get that sun-kissed look, without the sun!

What are your favorite makeup products? I’m always looking for new products to try! Comment below and let me know.


Tamera Mowry Makeup


URBAN DECAY, Naked Palette Collection — I love this palette because it has so many great options for creating a bonze eye. With all of the different shades, you can get a lot of different looks out of one product.


BECCA Bronze Blush Highlight Kit — This set comes as a trio of colors, meaning that you can keep using it all year long, no matter how sun-kissed you actually are.

ANASTACIA Modern Renaissance

ANASTACIA Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette — Another fab palette with great color options for creating a nice and warm bronzed eye look.


BENEFIT COSMETICS Sun Beam Golden-Bronze Liquid Highlighter — This is a very cool product because it is a liquid bronzer / highlighter and is very blend-able. My trick is to combine it with some moisturizer to create a nice light glow that is buildable (meaning you won’t overdo it!).


NARS The Multiple — This stick is cream-to-powder and multipurpose … It can be used for eyes, lips, cheeks and body. Grab a shade that works for you, and you can use it for so many different looks!


STILA Shimmer and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow — This liquid eyeshadow has all of the sheen and shimmer you are looking for, but doesn’t have glitter!


nars duo

NARS Bronzer Duo – Laguna/Casino — NARS bronzer may be one of my ultimate favorites for that soft all-over bronze glow. This duo pack is great because you get two shades in one, and the product lasts forever!

My 10 Skincare Tips For Fall

Tamera Mowry Skincare Tips

Now that fall is here, that means that my summer skincare routine no longer holds up quite as well as it did in the warmer months. The air is getting colder and drier, and my skin tends to do the same thing! So, every year around October, I make changes to my beauty routine to ensure that my skin can stay as healthy as possible.

Today I wanted to share with you guys what my fall skincare routine looks like, and give you my 10 best seasonal skincare tips!

  1. Switch up your cleanser — I use different cleaners seasonally because while a lighter gel cleaner works great in summer (when your skin is naturally producing more oil), it’s often too drying for my skin in winter. This time of year, I switch over to a moisture-rich cleansing lotion instead.
  2. Use a more intense moisturizing lotion — To my point above, your skin produces more oil in the summer months, and so you require a less intense moisturizer. Even if my skin doesn’t feel dry yet, I still like to use a heavier moisturizer so that I can stay ahead of dryness.
  3. Use SPF — Just because summer is over does NOT mean that the sun is not still damaging your skin. Remember to continue to use SPF daily on your face, neck and hands!
  4. Exfoliate — Invest in an at-home gentile exfoliating peel to brighten and even your skin tone. Summer months often leave our skin more sensitive from the sun, chlorine, etc, and so fall is the perfect time to exfoliate.
  5. Use a mask weekly — Find a mask for your skin type, and use it weekly. Masks used over time make a big difference in keeping your skin looking bright and radiant!
  6. Don’t forget about your whole body — Again, I like to stay on top of skin dryness before it even starts. Invest in a super moisturizing body lotion or body butter, and apply daily.
  7. Book an appointment with your Dermatologist — We should go see the Dermatologist annually to get checked up (especially after increased summer sun exposure). Doing this every fall is an easy way to remember your annual appointment.
  8. Don’t neglect your hands — Hands can get very dry during the fall and winter months. Between harsh soaps and dry weather, our hands can easily crack and dry out. This time of year, I make sure that I have a good hand lotion in my purse and start applying it regularly. Same goes for your cuticles — Try using a cuticle oil daily (which will also make your manicures last longer!).
  9. Remember to hydrate — As it gets cooler out, it can be harder to remember to drink as much water. Hydration is so vital to skin health! I make a very conscious effort to try and remember to drink enough water each day.
  10. Stock up on lip balm — I like to buy several tubes of lip balm at once, so that I can stash them in various purses and places (like my bedside table and in the car). Lips can so easily become dried out, and it’s a good remember to keep them moisturized if you are always looking a tube of lip balm.

I hope these tips help you guys transition your skincare routine to fall! If you have any other tips, please let me know!    


Sweater Weather: Looks I Love

Tamera Mowry Sweater 1

Tamera Mowry Sweater 2

Tamera Mowry Sweater 3

I love this time of year! The air is cooling down, and that means that it is officially time to put away the summer wardrobe. It also means that it is now sweater weather! Maybe it is because brining out sweaters makes me feel cozy and excited for the season ahead, but I love the fashion transition from summer to fall.

Now, I live in LA, and so we are usually a little behind everyone else in terms of when sweater weather officially lands. So far this month, I have been pairing a light sweater with shorts and boots, or with jeans and open-toed shoes. However, as the weather continues to cool down, I can easily transition all my favorite sweater looks and wear them with jeans and booties.

When I shop for sweaters to add to my fall wardrobe, I try and stick to more neutral colors so that I get the most wardrobe versatility out of them (and can wear them into the spring). I like to buy sweaters that I know will look good with denim, black, white or even with a print skirt. To me, a good sweater can sit in your closet almost all year around, and can be layered and paired with a number of different pieces.

Below are some of my favorite sweater picks this fall! I love all of these looks because they are versatile, and can look good worn any number of ways!

Let me know if you guys buy any of these looks, or how you like to wear sweaters this season! I’m always looking for new ideas on how to style a sweater!  



TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: 525 America, Shaker Turtleneck Bell Sleeve Sweater | Rebecca Taylor, RUFFLE ONE SHOULDER SWEATER  | Callahan, SHAKER KNIT OFF SHOULDER SWEATER | After Market, Off Shoulder Ruffle Sweater

BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J.O.A., Tie Sleeve Sweater | Finders Keepers, WILDFIRE SWEATER | Free People, OPHELIA PULLOVER SWEATER | Cupcakes and Cashmere, NIKOLAI SWEATER

My Tips For Do-It-Yourself Glam


As a total lover of all things beauty, I’m always on the lookout for new products and techniques to improve my makeup skills. I have also been really fortunate to work with some incredibly talented makeup artists over the years. Whenever I get my makeup professionally done, I always watch closely to try and learn new tricks so that I can get better at creating my own glam look at home

I really wanted to share with you guys my favorite glam tips that I have learned, and that always work really well for me when I am doing my own makeup. Below are my top suggestions and products for creating a beautiful do-it-yourself glam look!


NOURISH AND HYDRATE: Beauty really does start from the inside out! Make sure that you are well nourished and hydrated before you get glam — It will absolutely show on your skin!

PREP YOUR SKIN: Starting with cleansed skin, apply a good moisturizer and primer before you do anything else. The more moisturized and prepped your skin is before applying makeup, the better your look will hold. I like to use Laura Mercier Foundation Primer.

EYE-DROPS: If you are ever tired, sick or have allergies using some eye-drops like Clear eyes Redness Relief will get rid of any redness, and will make your eyes look bright and awake.

PICK A FEATURE TO POP: I’m a girl who loves a red lip! However, if I am going to go with a bold lip, then I don’t overdo the eye makeup. It looks much better to have just one facial feature that has that wow factor.

FOUNDATION: Work with a light to medium coverage foundation that you can build on so that you don’t overdo it! I like to use NARS Sheer Matte Foundation, and apply it with a beauty blender sponge. Always start blending from the center of your face, and then move outward. Also, remember to blend right to your ears and down your neck a little to ensure that color and coverage are consistent.

USE CONCEALER AS AN EYE SHADOW PRIMER: Dabbing a little concealer on your eyelids works very well as an eye shadow primer, and prevents eye makeup from slipping!

USE A CONCEALER BRUSH: Concealer brushes are essential when you are covering up any little imperfections because the small bristles on the brush can get into creases that your fingers can’t. I like to use the SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Concealer Brush.

BRUSH YOUR LIPS: This one may sound a little crazy, but it works so well! Gently brush your lips with a toothbrush before applying your lipstick. The brushing will exfoliate your lips, leaving them soft and smooth.

LIPS: Apply a light layer of concealer around the outside of your lips (blend it well) before you apply your lipstick — This will prevent your lipstick from running!

DON’T FORGET TO BRONZE YOUR NECK AND SHOULDERS: Remember that if you are applying bronzer, that you need to add a light coat to your neck and also your shoulders (if they are exposed) — You want to make sure that your glow is even!

HIGHLIGHTER: I’m not a fan of over contouring, but I do love to use highlighter to add dimension and light to my face. I like to use a light powder-based highlighter and do: the bridge of my nose, the inner corners of my eyes, under the brow arches and the high points of my cheeks. Try Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light for a beautiful glow that is not too intense.

CONTOUR YOUR HAIRLINE AND JAWLINE: Adding a little bronzer to both your hairline and jawline will nicely define your face’s angles and will photograph beautifully! Apply a little matte bronzer (start light!) and then blend using a beauty blender sponge. I like to use the COVER FX Contour Kit.

What are your favorite go-to tips for getting glam? Comment below and let me know!




My Summer Weekend Must-Haves

521A5120 copy

521A5145 copy

I can’t believe that summer is almost half way through. I try to really embrace and enjoy each season to the fullest, and this year has been no exception! I have been filling my weekends with al fresco dinners, days by the pool, and as much time outside with my family as I can manage!

This year, I have picked out my favorite things that have become my go-to products for enjoying summer weekends. I wanted to share them with you guys before the season is over so you can hopefully enjoy them too!


HAT: A good sun hat is a must if you are going to be spending a lot of time outside. This hat is a great one because of its cute interchangeable bands!
Interchangeable Trims Straw Hat

TOWEL: The Beach People make the best towels! I adore mine (pictured above) because it’s large and super soft — Also its great for my children to play on.
The Beach People Geometric Print Round Beach Towel

EARRINGS: These tassel earrings are a perfect summer accessory. They quickly dress up, and add a pop of color to a simple and laid-back outfit like shorts and a t-shirt.
Ettika Tri Tassel Earrings in Metallic Gold

POPSICLE MOLDS: Popsicles are a must in the summer, especially for the kids! This mold is adorable and also totally BPA free.
Fruit Salad Pop Moulder

TOTE BAG: It’s great to have one good carry-all tote that can fit a lot of stuff, and transition from the pool to dinner. I especially love the tassel details on this JADEtribe bag.
JADEtribe Valerie Multi Tassel Pom Tote Bag in Navy

SUNGLASSES: These rose gold shades from Ray-Ban are really cool because the lenses are super thin and flat, and they look amazing on.
Women’s Ray-Ban 52Mm Mirrored Sunglasses – Gold

SANDALS: I live in my sandals all summer long! TKEES flip flops are comfortable, and come in great metallic colors.
TKEES Duos Flip Flops

PHONE CASE: I really like Gray Malin’s photography, and his phone cases make me want to book a ticket and travel ASAP.
Gray Malin Neon Umbrellas iPhone 7 Case

TUMBLER: Hydration is key in the summer. I always have water with me in this ‘I’m very busy’ tumbler from
ban. do I Am Very Busy Tumbler

TANK: I really love a good go-to summer tank that I can easily throw on, but still looks good.  Spiritual Gangster makes fun clothing that is also good quality, super soft and comfortable.
Spiritual Gangster SG Varsity Muscle Tank

DRESS: Long and flowing maxi dresses are great this time of year because they look chic (pair with your hat in the day time), and can easily go from day to night.
Ramy Brook Taylor Dress


Let me know what your favorite summer products are, or if you pick up any of the ones on my list!