The Best Lip Colors for Summer

I think a lot of us like to play it au naturel in the summer, after all, no one wants to deal with makeup sliding off our skin on a hot day! But you know what? You can never underestimate the power of a proper lip color. Glowing skin and natural eyes look beautiful on their own, but a pretty pop of color can polish off your look with no effort at all. If you’ve been thinking of trying one of your favorite summer hues (maybe one that’s already on your nails?) – there’s no better time than now!

Pink Rose / Punch Pop Fuchsia / Corial Lover / Love Bite Red / Peach Passion

These are some of my top color picks for summer. Here’s why…

Dusty rose. A pink that’s a little bronze, a little nude, and yet still super feminine is an amazing color to have on lock all year – so you might already have a version of this in your collection. This is more of your everyday shade for work, errands, dinners and impromptu hangouts.

Fuchsia. The ultimate “dress up” color, fuchsia won’t exactly be the easiest to pair with your outfits when fall rolls around. Might as well get as much time with this gorgeous color in before then. It’s bold enough to give you a confidence boost, yet versatile enough that it can be worn with anything from a sundress to formalwear.

Bright coral. Sometimes forgotten during the other half of the year, coral seems to be back with a vengeance every summer and I am starting to see why. Coral lipsticks can be found in varying shades from slightly orangey pinks to completely color popped to suit your taste. But it’s summer, everyone’s trying new trends… Why not just go all out with the brightest one there is? What’s not to love?

Vibrant red. I won’t lie, I absolutely love a red pout during the holidays. It glams up any cold weather outfit. But a classic color like red shouldn’t be reserved for one season alone. It totally transforms in the summer to a playful, sexy color guaranteed to turn a few heads. I try to choose one that’s more vibrant, maybe even with a slight orange tint, as opposed to deep rich fall reds.

Pale peach. While coral and fuchsia are best at their brightest, peach actually looks amazing pared down a bit. A pale peach still gives off the soft, feminine feel that a pink would in spring, but it pairs well with summer fashion and beachwear. It’s one of those shades that you can wear to the beach without seeming too done up – nice and subtle.

Am I missing any? What would you add to this list?


  • lady j

    Mac Heroine is hot year round too! You did good though for summer lipsticks. I see you are itching to get sexy back. Rest and relaxation with Ariah and family. See you in the fall.!??

  • tiara

    Yes, I would definitely add all, if I don’t have them already lol. A slight purple is great for the summer as well. I’m in New York and I myself, love wearing dark all year around, but I’ve seen so many others trying it out this summer. Whether it is a deep burgundy/red or deep purple, rich dark colors are also in this summer. Thanks Tamera, you always know your stuff and how to keep a girl looking sexy but classy. Xoxo

  • Tata Taylor

    I am in love with macs smoked purple

  • Mimi Mimi

    I love RED lipsticks
    Love waer it with

  • Rebekah

    Never would have thought about a pale peach, it’s absolutely beautiful!

  • GREAT Suggestions for lip colors! I just bought Mocha from MAC… I definitely want to get the Dusty Rose Lip Color looks amazing! Just trying to find the perfect color for yourself can be difficult. Thanks for your suggestion!!!