The Benefits of Your Local Farmers Market

Farmers Market

There is nothing quite like visiting a local farmers market. It seems like such an ordinary event, but I love supporting local growers, spending the day outside, letting Aden play in the kids area (depending on which market we visit) and knowing that I’m bringing healthy, no GMO foods into our home. It doesn’t hurt that a lot of the produce is actually cheaper than at retailers, which is always important when on a grocery budget.

Every farmers market is different, but visiting one in your area is likely to expose you to fruits, veggies, cheeses and even herbs and teas you won’t find elsewhere. Flowers, jewelry and other crafts from local artisans usually make an appearance at these weekly markets as well. I personally like being able to engage with the sellers when wanting to try something new. And while LA has so many markets that on any given day I can attend one, I also like to see familiar faces and know that I’m getting great produce from my favorite sellers. 

If you haven’t yet experienced a farmers market, you can really get lost in all of the booths, so I suggest you take a lazy afternoon to attend your first and remember to bring cash, since many booths don’t accept cards. When Aden gets older I’ll be even more excited to take him along and use the experience as an educational one. He’ll learn about where local foods come from, maybe try some things he hasn’t had before (though my boy will eat just about anything) and hopefully we can use these trips as a segue into teaching him to cook!

Finding a market near you is easy, just search your area on a farmers market finder. I guarantee there is one closer to you than you think! If you can’t make it to the market, but still want to enjoy the spoils of fresh foods, then look into a farmers market delivery service. They are a blessing when too busy to attend the market. A quick Google search is sure to turn one up that ships or delivers directly to you. 

Have you attended a farmers market in your area? What’s your favorite part? 


  • Ina Turner

    I enjoy going to the farmers market in my area,like yu i like supporting my local farmers,I also love the fact that you are getting fruits and veggies straight from the farm instead of them sitting in the stores.

  • Carolina T

    Thanks for the post Tamara! I also love going to farmers markets. Its way more relaxing and fun compared to going to a grocery store.. maybe because FM are outdoors? I love it!

  • TT Talk (Fan Crew)

    Great post Tamera …. Absolutely love Farmers Markets. Especially in October when you can find Lots of great delicious candy apples :)

  • Lisa Muhammad

    Love the fresh fruit and veggies!

  • I live for Farmer’s Markets. My favorite is the Green City market. I stick to the body ecology diet so I am always on the lookout for new and different veggies to try. Green City has a great selection of produce and meats. By the way, I discovered your blog via your Deva instagram post ;) I’ll be checking back for more updates!

  • Daphney

    I have been battling with my weight on and off for several years now. I have decided that I have to live life for myself and to stop making excuses for my unhealthy way of life. I have decided that Mind, Body and Spirit are all VERY important and now I am trying to live that life to the fullest!! #Inside/Outside #HelpMeStayFocused #OrganicLivesThroughMe #HealthyWayofLife

    Yes, I love the farmers market and I also now recycle!!!

  • Millie Figueroa Quinones

    I’m so happy their opening a new farmers market two blocks down from my house. I’m so excited!

  • Samantha Chiamaka James

    I’m moving to London in 2 weeks and I just had to look for the nearest farmer’s market to me. Turns out it’s just 2 streets away (a 3min walk) from where I’ll be living! The market’s also open on Sundays which is awesome as I’ll be going to church in the evening so my morning is open for me to do some good grocery (mainly produce) shopping for the week!
    Where I live now, in Southampton, I’ve seen about 2-3 farmer’s markets, but I’ve only been able to shop at one. It wasn’t near my house, but it was near the church I go to so, I just made a dash over there after the service and got back to church before my ride left with TONNES of fruits! I go so excited at the market because EVERYTHING seemed MUCH cheaper there than at the grocery store (and some also seemed bigger in size). So, I spent just under $10 getting A LOT of produce. I would’ve spent much more at a grocery store getting that same amount of produce!