Our Baby Shower Recap

A few weekends ago, Adam and I celebrated our upcoming baby girl at the prettiest of showers we could have dreamed of. It was amazing. I had told Andrea, one of my best friends, that I didn’t want to know any details beforehand–I trusted her to handle logistics and design with the planner, Mindy Weiss. As expected, they didn’t disappoint! From the tables (the head table was draped in a tutu-inspired cover!) to the treats (I died when I saw the cake below), everything looked beautifully pretty in pink.

Once we arrived, the baby shower was a whirlwind. All of my dearest friends and family were there and Adam and my hearts were filled with so much love and joy. We ate, mingled, took so many pictures and played a pretty heated game of pregnancy Jeopardy. Adam got a little uncomfortable reading off some of the questions. Lol. And my girls from The Real proved that when it comes to competition, they do not slack!

Here’s a look inside our big day. And don’t forget to pick up the latest Us Weekly for more details and pics from our baby shower!

Tamera Mowry Tia Mowry Husbands

Pretty soon will they’ll have another little munchkin to hold hands with!

Tamera Mowry Baby Shower

How gorgeous are these cakes?! Of course we had to celebrate Aden becoming a big brother. :)

Tamera Mowry Baby Shower

Stunning flowers and so many goodies, what more could a pregnant gal want? Lol.

Tamera Mowry Baby Shower

Sibling love <3

Tamera Mowry Baby Shower

Pregnancy Jeopardy at it’s finest!

Tamera Mowry Baby Shower

Was so thrilled all four of my The Real cohosts could make it. These girls are amazing and these two, such clowns.

Tamera Mowry Baby Shower


  • Darlene

    Wonderful to see these baby shower photos and the celebration looked great. Dont forget to meditate and find a good balance for yourself, before your precious baby arrive? All The speed to you and yours from The Most Highs.

  • ayo


  • Jasmine Rachell


  • Monique

    The shower looked beautiful! Congratulations Tamara and God bless your family!

  • Esther

    Sooooooo beautiful, elegant, and warm! Love it! The boys especially warm my heart. Can’t wait to see them with baby girl!

  • Brittney

    everything looked so beautiful pretty cute everybody looked great

  • Malaika Moore

    Beautiful Family Beautiful Baby shower! Can’t wait to see Baby Girl Housley!!!!

    My twin sis and I look up too you and Tia!!!!!

  • Kate Elise Turner

    Ow……. Pretty as you!!!

  • Teshjha Rice

    Awwwww so cute

  • Elyse ‘Mimi’ Jackson

    what’s the princesses name? What a beautiful baby shower!

  • Racine Teamgodchild Green

    Omg that baby shower is so beautiful…. I wish u and your family all the best and that God will keep on blessing u

  • Kathy Griffin

    Adorable decorations and the works. The princess should be set when she arrives.

  • Sandra miller

    Congrats love the pictures I see ya’ll had fun

  • Marquisha Moore

    Hey Mrs. Housley!!! You as well as your family and friends look as though you all had a wonderful time! You looked amazing in each and everyone of your photos! Congratulations on yours and Adams little princess!!! Aden’s going to be a big brorher!!! How sweet! You are an amazing mommy! Keep being the inspirational person you will always be! God Bless you and your family!
    Marquisha Moore

    • aw thanks Marquisha! And thanks for stopping by my website :)

  • Faith Stortz

    You have grown into an amazing woman, wife,and mother.

  • JoAnna Luv

    You look stunning Tamera…What a lovely baby shower. May God bless you and your new little angel.

  • Julianne Balais

    Tamera, your baby shower was beautiful and stunning. I wish you and your family much blessings and a bright future with your baby girl.

  • Cynthia Brown

    First, I love u on The Real, u r such a beautiful person, I don’t know u personally but u glow all the time so no one could fake that…these are some beautiful pics. your hubby seems like a nice person as well, May God Bless u on yur new arrival…..be blessed

  • Trauma F Newell

    Tamera, you look beautiful at your fabulous baby shower. May God Bless you and your family and a special blessing for your beautiful bundle of Joy.

  • Angela GloryBe Bridgeman

    You are totally amazing person and you and your family related or not loves you unconditional …Love It…

  • Ebony Ramirez

    Congrats Tamera and your family many blessings

  • laila ali

    ridiculously cute..love you tamera

  • Cherise Catwell

    sooo beautiful Tamera <3

  • Ieasha Woods-Akins

    Such a beautiful shower and moment! Thanks for sharing and Congratulations!!! May God continue to bless you and your family!

  • Aunty Sowo Bassey

    Congratulations to you and your family. Aden is indeed going to be a very special big brother. I wish you a safe delivery.

  • Princess Dede

    You are so pretty.I look up to up as hero and ad a role model.
    From one of your fans Dedra

  • Fau Nyel

    Just beautiful xx

  • Sherree Irving


  • Aww, I love it!!

  • Marian Malloy

    God bless you and stay strong. You’re an inspiration to many. You’re beautiful

  • Sabrina Ousley

    I hope the real give her a baby shower on the show. I would love to see that.

  • Lisa M Foley

    omg wow its a girl love the pic congrats best wishes on a bright and happy future with your family

  • Jennie Ksh

    So lovely! Thanks for sharing Tamera…God bless your family

  • juliet susan

    congratulations gal and my the Good Lord be upholding and shining his Glory upon you …

  • Aicha Djamy

    This is so amazing Tamara you are the best and you deserve more.Xoxo

  • Terry staten

    I love it.

  • catherine

    I wish you all the BEST Tamera, Awesome Indeed.

  • CONGRATS Tamera! You are so beautiful :-)

  • Laquita Pristell

    Omg Tamera…you look beautiful. So happy for you guys.#teamhously!!

  • Crystal Migliore

    You look absolutely beautiful. Congratulations on the baby girl.

  • Crystal Migliore

    You look absolutely beautiful. Congratulations on the baby girl.

  • Tasha

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful!! I am so happy for you and your family! God’s blessings to you!

  • Regina Allen Fowler

    so beautiful congrats to you and your family

  • Shirrell Mccarey

    I am so happy for you and Adam what a delight to have such wonderful family and friends to celebrate a life getting ready to come into the world that is apart of both of you God Bless your family.

  • nhlanhla

    so cute, tamera you look so happy and you glowing.. congrates

  • Stacey Marshall

    This was very beautiful. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy.


    Congrats Tam! You are a gorgeous momma and wife!- H

  • jenesis58


  • Alicia Carter

    Love it!

  • Yoli Rivera

    I would love to see Tamera’s mother and father I have never seen pics of them that would have been nice to see a pic of them with Tamera

    • Shawnice A. Johnson

      I agree

  • Jos’e V. Charles

    Congratulations Tamara your a good kid such a lovely person and it shows from the inside out. Wishing you,hubby and family the best for years to come.

  • dominique gardner

    HI Tamera,

    I usually never write on these things but I wanted to
    let you know that I love your style. I actually modeled my wedding
    after yours, in 2013. (My favorite color is PINK!) I also love that you
    are true to who you are, especially being a twin. (I am a twin too lol,
    but my twin is a guy). You’re not afraid to express your love for
    Christ and you have you’re own style. And I must say I love your baby
    shower!! My husband and I will be trying for our first child sometime
    in the fall of this year. Thank you for your inspiring people
    everyday. I always love seeing your posts. :-) -Dominique

    • Thank you so much Dominique! Love that we have a similar style xx

  • Cynthia McCormick Krider

    Love it everything look amazing sweetie God Bless you and your Husband on yall new baby Girl! Love ya!

  • Ieshea Bain

    Awwwwww tamera you so sweet !! Such an inspiration !!

  • freaky fabulus

    you are so buetfull

  • Reyna

    What a stunning baby shower. I am regreting not having a shower we are due in 5 weeks. I would have loved to have one just for the decorations. We are having a baby girl as well.

  • Your baby shower was beautiful!!!! Love it & your family!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for the Mowry-Housley Household! :)

  • Trica

    You and your sister are absolutely gorgeous! And so are your children! Can’t wait to see your new baby girl!!!

  • carlette

    you look so beautiful. Happy for you

  • CaneshiaJ

    A beautiful baby shower for a beautiful woman! You can just tell how much you mean to your friends because of all of the detail that was put into it …. But anyway I’m glad y’all had a great time and I’m praying for beautiful healthy baby GIRL

  • Kimisha

    You are so beautiful mama.

  • Sabrina Kelley

    I am elated for you and your family. May God continue to bless and keep you and increase everything that you touch. I have followed your career since Sister Sister and you have blossomed into an amazing woman with style and grace of a queen. I feel like you are my little sister! Congratulations on your beautiful little princess! Phase 3 of your amazing is beginning and you have a great partner to share that with…..

  • Kevin Leclerc

    I Always Loved The Twin Babygirls <3 !!!

  • Reneé T. Armstead

    Beautiful baby shower. I’m sure you are a great mother!

  • TrayMarie Love

    Congratulations Adam and Tamera on your blessing!!!

  • Blacc Pearl Marcus

    May God continue to shine his light upon u and your family, BE BLESSED. LOVE U GUYS TO PIECES.

  • Jennifer

    Hey Tamera I wanted to say I have been a big supporter of your sister and you. The shower pictures are beautiful, lastly your brother Tavior :) is very handsome

  • Shauna Ferguson

    I just absolutely love you Tamera your such a positive representation for black woman. when I grow up I want to be just like you. Lol I’m 25 but still you inspire me ❤️

  • Annette Tweetybird Tolson

    The memories of this special event will be cherish forever. Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful princess. Wish you had your parents pics enjoying this special occasion.. #proudparents

  • Erica Jeane’

    Such a beautiful shower
    Tamera ?