Ask Tamera: What Are Your Hobbies?

Thanks to everyone who tuned into the Facebook chat I did earlier this summer. It was so fun to try out the live chat and actually get to connect with some of you! There were soo many questions I wanted to answer but didn’t get the chance to. Since I can’t do those chats everyday (as great as that would be), I thought it would be fun to start a new series here on called Ask Tamera. That way, I can answer some of the questions that are commented on my site and social media. And of course, I’ll try to do another chat ASAP!


Matching up some styles for our bedroom.

One question I thought was intriguing was from Facebook user Teressa H. She wanted to know what my hobbies are when I’m not busy running around as a mom or spending time with Adam. Great question!


A favorite hobby of mine that those of you who have read my site for a while now will know about is interior design! I love to design and decorate. In my opinion, there are few hobbies more special than this because it’s all about making your house a home. Your home is where you spend your most precious moments – the ones with your family – and I don’t take it lightly! I love dreaming up new ways to make this look as special as it feels.

The design part of a house involves things like gathering a moodboard of photos on Pinterest and choosing a color palette. Then there’s picking out specific colors and types of things like paint, flooring, tile – all that fun stuff. And when it comes to home décor, you can REALLY have fun with it. I love that each of the rooms in our home is different and specific to who will spend time in it.


Aside from home décor, another hobby I’ve recently gotten into is this Fujifilm Polaroid camera. I’m obsessed! You know how I love taking and sharing photos of my kiddos. Now I have a whole new way of collecting them, and I’m creating a keepsake box. If you love taking pictures or printing photos of family and friends, doing a project with the prints is a must.

First of all, just taking photos is a fun hobby. Making something out of it is another way to keep those memories alive. As great as sharing on Instagram is, the process of creating something like a box or a scrapbook is a really therapeutic way to reflect on memories and get crafty. So next time you have an evening to yourself, why not grab a glass of wine, spread out all your photos on the table, and dig in?

Hope you liked this first edition of Ask Tamera! What other questions do you have? And what hobbies fill your precious free moments?


  • Great post! Some of my favorite hobbies also include photography, traveling or sightseeing, watching movies, and enjoying some good music, which includes attending or live streaming music festivals!

  • Jennifer

    Hi Tamera,

    My friend just asked me yesterday why I like you so much. I told her that you are relatable.

    My favorite girl chat episode on The Real was when you guys were talking about forgiveness. You shared about you and Adam and your commitment to God.

    I grew up in church and I too made that commitment. I even carry around a signed card in my wallet from when I was 21, as a reminder. The problem is, I think I’ve been so affraid that I won’t honor that commitment, that I’ve never allowed anyone to get too close to me. I’m 35 now and I want to meet my husband.

    I hope my question makes sense. I know it is very personal. This has just been something that I haven’t figured out how to do yet. I thought maybe you might have some insight for me.

    How did you make yourself available in relationships and keep your commitment to God? You have shared that you and Adam were celibate when you got back together. How did you do that?

    Thank you for being who you are Tamera. I think you are a gorgeous woman. You are setting a great example for other women.

    Big hugs ?

  • Kayla Johnson

    Will you ever do a Christmas movie? I would love to watch you in one or two on Hallmark ☺️

    • Yeah, that’d be great!

      • Bianka

        She’s in the a Christmas Movie from 2012 called the Christmas Angel it’s cute on netflix

        • Kayla Johnson

          I know I’ve seen it I said a Hallmark movie

  • Candice Hall

    Hi Tamera!

    I’m a mom of fraternal, twin, 9 year old girls. As a mom, I love to nurture and love on my girls however I always feel guilty that I never have enough time for them individually. I used to love to paint and enjoy decorating spaces or a party but felt guilty when I spend time alone having so much fun focusing on a hobby. Do you have any advice that you can share about how to keep my twins happy and optimize my time with them whilst still trying to have some joy in my own life?

    Thank you,

  • chay. ♡

    Hello Tamera,

    I really like this first edition of Ask Tamera. I think it’s another great and beautiful way for you to connect with us fans. I’m looking forward to the next edition. My questions lol that I have for you is Out of all the roles that you have done which character has been your favorite and why? The other question is What is your advice on staying positive during difficult times?

    Thank you,