Ariah’s People Magazine Debut

It seems like just yesterday, I was waiting for Ariah to make her appearance into the world. How quickly two months goes! I spent much of that time adjusting to having two little ones and determining when I felt comfortable showing Ariah to the world. Not going to lie, I loved keeping her all to myself. But when People Magazine asked if they could take part in her unveiling, I couldn’t say no. Everyone would soon see her on The Real, and I couldn’t contain my joy any longer. It just seemed like the perfect fit.

So a few weeks ago, their photographer showed up to the house and snapped some photos that I truly can’t get enough of. It was an easy day, beyond Aden having one slight meltdown (oh, what it’s like to be two), but overall it was so fun to have my glam squad back by my side and some incredible moments captured with the family and our beautiful new addition, Ariah Talea.

Here are a few behind-the-scenes pics of our little family from shoot day. Enjoy!

Tamera Makeup

My squad always make me feel gorgeous.


Ariah’s outfit of the shoot.


Aden’s been such a good big brother – he always wants to give Ariah kisses.


My little angel.


My boys waiting to be called on camera. :)


Aden loves his daddy.



I love this family shot!

Don’t forget to pick up a copy of the magazine, on stands now, or check out the online piece at

Thanks again to People and to all of the fans who’ve been AMAZING and said such sweet things.


  • catherine

    AWESOME pictures Tamera, lil Ariah looks very beautiful, i like the caption of brother and sister.

  • Annique

    I love you and your family. Thank you so much for sharing Ariah with us, she was definitely worth the wait :) . I pray God continue to bless you and your family Tam Tam


    She is PRECIOUS!! God bless you and your little family!

  • What a beautiful family you have. I love you Tam! You’re such a sweeeeeet spirit. Can’t wait to see you on The Real. xx

  • Kaitie Marie Roddy

    You’re family is absolutely beautiful! Congrats Tamera!

  • Lakia Hobson

    too cute love it.

  • Robin Kaser

    Beautiful children and family

  • MsB

    Beautiful family! Gods blessings!

  • Joyce_nk

    You have a beautiful family Tam Tam !!!

  • Priscilla

    Awwwwwwwwww how sweet Tamera finally have a mini me and her daughter look just like her I can’t wait to see more of that adorable baby girl

  • Jackee Horton Ford

    Beautiful ♡

  • Brenda L Gillis-Da’Cruz

    Beautiful family

  • Debbie Missingmyhometownchicag

    Very beautiful family shot and she is just an angel and so is aden

  • Tonya R. Watley

    Tamera you have a beautiful family many blessings to you. I make baby photo album books I would love to make one for you.
    Tonya W.

  • Esther

    What a BEAUTIFUL family, Tamera!!! OMG, you’ve got another stunner in your hands!!! She is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • What a sweet family! :)

  • Audrey F Miller

    Blessings Always and Forever!

  • Sharon Heim Hammerly

    The most beautiful family in Hollywood or anywhere. So happy for you and Adam. Can’t wait for The Real to come back on!!!!!!

  • Morgan

    Gorgeous family photos. Thank you for sharing.

  • Bree Ashley

    Omg Ariah looks just like Aden when he was that small! You have such a gorgeous family!

  • Carroll Meade Murphy

    You have such a beautiful family! God bless all of you!!

  • Sam Civello

    her baby girl looks like Tamera there such a beautiful family

  • Olivia Burdelas

    such a beautiful family ♡ you are so blessed !

  • Kelsey Holwerda

    She is sooo beautiful :) ♡ such a precious gift!

  • Tanya White

    Beautiful family

  • Maddie Blount

    I have always looked up to Tamera. She is such a sweetheart and so generous and just down to earth. I love that I had her growing up as an inspiration and love that I get to see her as a thriving and even more beautiful adult. Congratulations on such a blessed and gorgeous family Tamera!

  • Robin Johnson

    Very beautiful family pictures. .Love love the one of Aden and Adam reading while waiting and then the one of you holding your beautiful little girl Ariah. So happy to finally see these lovely pictures

  • Nichole

    You look gorgeous and have a beautiful family. … God has blessed you. ..

  • Donna B

    Awww…how super beautiful!! Love it!

  • Kate Tish

    Omg Ariah is beautiful! your family is Beautiul! God bless you Tamera

  • Kate Tish

    Typing errror mistake!!! Your Family is Beautiful!!!!

  • Namhla Njokweni

    woooow Tamera this is soooo sweet, you guys are beautiful and your little angel is so adorable. thank you so much for sharing with us really appreciate.

  • Ina Turner

    Tamera, Ariah is so Beautiful,what a precious little Housley Girl. And while I agree that little Beauty is going to be your mini me. The pictures with the four of you and the one with Her looking over your shoulder, Baby Girl looks like Aden when he was a baby, also the pictures in People Mag.She looks like her Big Brother,and what can I say about that Big brother he is Adorable as usual.
    And I always love to see your husband in any pictures with his family,family is EVERYTHING. GOD,FAMILY,WORK.
    Much Blessings to You and Family.

  • Lindy Lou

    This family shot looks so cozy! What a beautiful family. Little Arial is a heart stealer just like her big bruh!

  • Angela GloryBe Bridgeman

    God is good Tamera and Adam you have the most beautifulest family in the world …. I pray all is well and God continue to bless congrats on you guys new addition I know Aden is enjoying as much as you guys are … Love the name Ariah Talea…Lovely

  • Bella Quiche’

    Congrats… every is not so blessed… Hold on to your blessings!! May He continue to you bless your family.

  • Darlene

    You go girl. Love you and your family.
    Just got to say congratulations on everything. Looking for new season on The Real. I got you lifted up and included in my prayers.

  • Siza

    A piece of heaven she is little miracles like this that makes us behold in awe the works of God .I must say you look healthy and well rested more beautiful and glowwy.Good job Tamera well done.

  • This is so adorable. Your family is gorgeous!! Congrats again!! <3

  • Diva ~ Clarita

    Such a beautiful family. Ariah is so precious and I love how Aden looks at her. God Bless you and Adam!!!!!!

  • Mandy

    You have a beautiful family Tamera ?

  • OMGoodness! She is adorable!! What a beautiful family :) God Bless You All!

  • sienna forde

    Super congratulations to you and Adam on your gorgeous baby girl. You always have been my inspiration so even more exciting that you have a blog now and I gave birth a month after yourself so I am enjoying all your posts. Thanks for always staying true to yourself. Real inspiration! xxx

  • Jessica Lawrence

    So cute!

  • Karen Moody

    You both have beautiful children and a beautiful family, I too have been blessed with two beautiful children, adults now, with 3 beautiful grandchildren and blessed my christ jesus, keep the Lord in your life, becuse anything’s possible when you depend on the lord for guidance. No one tells you about the storms in relationships and children, no it’s not pretty but weather the storm it’s all worth it, the love is irreplacable

  • Crystal Wilkins

    Your children are gorgeous. I have loved your family since Sister Sister and I am so glad to see you and your sister grow up into beautiful women with beautiful families.

  • Katrina Tibon

    Your family is so beautifu! I grew up watching Sister Sister and now to see you as a wonderful wife and mom is so amazing. Your kids have great genes ;) many blessings, Katrina