Why You Should Indulge in a Professional Facial

I love a great facial. Afterwards my skin feels so clean and I notice an immediate difference in texture and tightness. Beyond genetics, I swear it’s what gives me radiant skin. I try to do regular upkeep at home, especially after so many days of full makeup on The Real and dealing with the air quality of LA., but it’s professional facials that really do the trick. That’s why today I’m thrilled to feature a guest post by celeb facialist Shani Darden. She’s seriously amazing! She’s here to share about the importance of facials and how to prep for them. So, here she is…

Getting professional facials is so important for understanding how your skin works. Most people have no idea what type of skin they actually have, so they use products that are wrong for them. This can lead to new skin problems as well as cause breakouts. Just because a product worked for someone else, doesn’t mean it will work for you!

Benefits of a professional facial

When you get a facial, you’re working with an esthetician that’s trained to analyze your skin and determine what types of products will let your best skin prevail. Estheticians have access to higher strength products than ones you use at home, such as exfoliants and masks, that can do everything from stimulate cell renewal to lighten discoloration, help acne, or even deeply hydrate depending on your skin needs.

Having extractions done by a professional is another benefit to getting a facial and one of the most effective ways of unclogging pores and blackheads. Since at-home extractions often do more harm than good–people tear their skin, which can lead to scarring–it’s so important to see someone who is professionally trained. Which brings me to how to find the best esthetician.

I recommend finding someone with a medical background, such as previous work with dermatologists. Typically, someone who studied in the medical field will have a better knowledge of how to effectively treat a wide array of skin issues.They’ll be able to assess your skin properly and tell you what the most effective routine and frequency for future facials is. Because how often you get facials really depends on your skin type. If you have problem skin or breakouts, you should have a facial treatment up to 2-3 times a week until its under control, then once a month after for continued maintenance.

Two to three times a week can seem overwhelming when you’re on the budget, but the long term changes to your skin make the experience worth it. Plus, once down to once a month you’ll have a much better idea on how to take care of your skin. For those who need to come in 2-3 times a week at first, the appointments are all the same length, not shorter even though you are coming in more frequent. So you’ll be reaping all of the same benefits each time.

How you treat your skin and body before you come in for a facial matters as well. Some of my favorite pre-facial tips are to be hydrated and bare faced before you come in for a treatment. Also, stay off of strong prescriptions or any products that could cause irritation before your appointment. The facial step that really helps with maintaining a youthful glow is professional exfoliation, such as a light chemical peel.  So, if you can’t afford regular treatments, at-home peels are one of my favorite options to achieve smooth, radiant skin.

– Shani

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  • Siza

    Hi Tamera i always think facials are expensive but i always pay for gym i guess i should invest a little on facials ill have to do my homework on where to go thanks for sharing your beauty secret.

    • Cass Michelle

      Hi Siza! There are great, affordable home facials on http://www.prettynposh.us. It is great to splurge on a professional facial from time to time :)

      • Siza

        Hi Cass thanks for reffering me to the site i could smell the oils while browsing the page every product looks inviting do you have any store that offers your products in South Africa.

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          Hello! Unfortunately not at this time. You could purchase from me through PayPal and I can ship it to you. The shipping could be costly though

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            Hi Cass i really enjoy browsing the site and the amazing organic products your site offers though my challenge is i really dread the extra shipping costs and ill rather opt for my local spa or beauty salon

  • Ieasha Woods-Akins

    I had one recently as gift from my husband and my face felt hydrated and looked great.I now truly enjoy having them monthly.

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