Aden’s First Haircut

Adens Haircut

Cutting your child’s hair for the first time can be an emotional event. And not just for your little one, for momma too! Big scissors, loud noises and unfamiliar places can scare your child. While realizing your baby isn’t a baby any more or saying goodbye to curls can be nerve wracking for you. But no matter how stressful it may be, at some point, your little one needs a trim. This last week, it was Aden’s turn.


I’m absolutely in love with Aden’s curls so I was in no rush to get his hair cut, but his hair was growing…and it was growing fast! Thank God for my curly hair doctor Shai. Shai, who owns Capella Salon, is known as a curly hair guru. He’s the one that gave me my big chop when I decided to go natural, and I knew he would be perfect for Aden’s first haircut.

Shai and Aden

Adens first haircut

I was so proud of my Aden. He didn’t cry at all. He was a fidgety little one, so he sat on Daddy’s lap the whole time. But Shai handled him with ease and in the end Aden loved his cut so much. He was even eager to make another appointment. :) Shai, thank you for being so understanding!

Aden making an appointment

The experience did make me think about ways to keep your little one put while getting their hair cut so the stylist doesn’t end up accidentally taking off more than intended. These 3 ideas should keep your kiddo still during the process. You can use these ideas for other “sit still” situations as well!

  1. A designated toy – If you give your little one a toy during the cut they’ll be less likely to wiggle around. If you select one toy to use repeatedly with activities that they don’t particularly like, they will become more comfortable with the situation. We gave Aden a toy so he would stay distracted during his cut. This is also a great way to keep babies in place while changing diapers!
  2. Watch a video – Adam and I aren’t ones to sit Aden in front of a screen often, but in limited spurts I’m much more comfortable with it. Hair cuts can be botched with too much movement and as a mother, that’s the last thing you want to happen. If you can turn a show on your smartphone and let your little one focus on their favorite characters, your trip will go much quicker.
  3. Carry a comfort item – Keeping your child distracted with the two tricks above will help them to be still, but sometimes they need a little something extra. If they have a blanket or a doll they don’t let out of their sight, bring it with! Just the ease of knowing their security item is with them will calm their nerves and give them something to hold on to or focus on instead of being scared by the new noises and setting.

Adens hair

In the end, I considered the experience a success. Aden still has his curls and he wasn’t scared of the experience. And, yes, I kept his cut curls in a cute lil envelope to show him when he grows up. How could I not!? :)

How was your first cut experience with your kids?


  • catherine

    Thats cute.

  • Shawanna

    How beautiful

  • Carlie

    Aww bless him he’s so adorable so u gonna make like a little scrapbook of all these things loss of first tooth hair cut n that?

  • abby

    Awwww , I would also have cried Tamera, his hair is so cute.

  • Angel

    Love it

  • Sunshine

    Oh what a big boy he was. He is sooo darn cute :)

  • Meldawg Mason

    Cute just cute…As a mother of 4 daughters the 1st hair cut was very emotional…Good job Aden…

  • Browneyestt

    I did the same as you did 20 years ago with my nephew.

  • Erika R. Shelton

    We didn’t go to the barber for our sons first cut. It was 4th of July last year and with the weather being so hot, we couldn’t wait any longer so we did a buzz cut and he did great! However, cutting his hair now seems to be a more traumatizing experience for him :-( We recently decided a buzz cut (yes again) and he was not having it at all! We were able to finish but we’ll definitely be sticking with a barber. Having daddy hold him while mom does the distracting works best ♥

  • uhlala10 uhlala10

    He did great! such a cutie :)

  • Ang

    I had the hair dresser come to the house, put my little one in the bumbo and like you surrounded her with toys. She did amazing!

  • s0nicfreak

    Why make a big deal out of it? You only need 1 tip: TELL the kid to sit still. If he doesn’t, and more gets cut than he wanted? Well he learns to sit still next time.

    • Nene Azizia Mathis

      I think those instructions are met for younger children like she has not a child who would care if his hair is messed up

      • s0nicfreak

        So if the child doesn’t care, why does the parent?

    • N.S.

      Wow! Obviously you don’t have kids. Smh

      • s0nicfreak

        I have 4.

    • Erica

      This is a child a human being. Sometimes simply telling a one year to be quiet or still doesn’t work. Why? Because this is new they have never experience something like that. I went with my cousin when she took her daughter and she cried due to the fact that she was scared. It’s natural you should be there to comfort your child not force them even when they may cry. I can tell you are not a parent and on top of that you are very insensitive. Children don’t always need to be yelled at sometimes it just doesn’t work.

      • s0nicfreak

        I have 4 kids and I said tell, not yell.

  • Katrina Meade

    here is some pictures of my two girls. The one is wear glasses is Virginia she my 13 year old and Kaylee Is 10 years old, their more, you can look up on Virginia Meade facebook, Kaylee Meade Facebook, and also mine too, to see more family pictures. I love all your shows and with your family and your sister Tia too!


    My son is 21 month old and has similar curls. Looking at your pictures I am getting emotional. I have a plan to take him to a baby salon a couple times before the big day, so he can get familiar with the place and the people. I think I will be the one in tears. My baby is no longer a baby.

  • Johan Otero


  • Toni Botting

    Loves the curls.. too cute

  • Miranda

    My son’s 1st hair cut (he was 2) went extremely well (which was a shock lol). I hated to cut his curls but in the end they bounced back :) However, he hates to have his hair cut now (he’s 3)…he won’t sit still, he cries…the whole 9 yards. I knew his good behavior the very 1st time was too good to be true haha:)

  • Jessie

    Oh my God he is soooooo cute! Your child is going to be quite the heartbreaker! Ha!

  • Brenda

    I know how you feel. I had to cut my little ones curly pony tail (which was down his back) his traditional school he attend did not want any distraction. In the end he loves getting his hair cut now. So you will be just fine….

  • ellese Hickman

    Good job

  • Nala_S

    Aww, he is soo adorable!!!

  • Melissa Ayers

    How cute! And I’m so excited you went to Shai! Saw his page, and I’ve been wanting to take my biracial daughter. If you trust him, that makes me want to trust him! Thanks!

  • My son cried then fell asleep in Daddy’s arms the first time he went to the barber shop. Cutting his curls aged him 3 years in my eyes. Lol

  • Desiree Donñell

    He’s absolutely beautiful!

  • TT Talk (Fan Crew)

    These the MOST beautiful and adorable pictures ever of your sweetheart! Truly proud of him for being a good boy while getting his haircut! :-) He is truly growing up Tamera. TIME FLIES VERY fast you know! Thanks for also sharing with us these great tips in how to keep the little ones still while getting their haircuts

  • Felicia

    He is so cute. My son first hair cut was at 4 years old. It had gotten to long almost down to his butt. Some people’s thought he was a girl. Couldn’t have that, so it was time to go.

  • Joann Hunter-Kemp

    He is a beautifully handsome little man. How could you even bare to see those beautiful CURLS cut off?

  • Sportsnista

    My son first haircut back in 2003 was an amazing experience, my husband cuts hair for a side job and I think having his dad cut it put him at ease because he was in the comforts of his own home. He cried at first but what really made him sit is my husband played like he was cutting Tickle me Elmo hair so he vibrated when my husband put the clippers by his head my baby laughed so hard and has been loving hair cuts ever since, now my husband is teaching him to cut hair he’ll be 13 in December.

  • mrswright

    Our son who is about to turn 3 had his first haircut from his dad…h sat still and it was all good. a few weeks ago he got a haircut at the barbrshop and again it was all good.

  • Sabrina

    My son’s first haircut with someone other than me was a total nightmare. Saturday morning at a southern barbershop about 18 years ago and in I walk with him. He screamed and threw a fit so I was embarrassed and he was traumatized, so needless to say I cut his hair until he went into the Army. He has the inbetween hair similar to Pacific Islanders so no one really knows how to cut it

  • Lisa Mitten

    I cried when my son got his first haircut. It was the first time that he didn’t look like a baby anymore.

  • Jalayne N. Tillery

    Aden is just adorable! I cut my son’s hair right before his 1st Birthday. It was cut with scissors. After his 1st Birthday we did the clippers. He was fidgety as well but no tears until it was time for the line up. I haven’t done that part again but he’s totally ok with getting cut with the clippers. He now sits on my lap and let’s me do it! My son is 16 months btw!

  • Jewel Gould

    To say he’s cute is an understatement! Omg love it! God bless him! So I pack organic lollipops in my purse lol!

  • He is just so cute!

  • Ina Turner

    Yay, Aden what a big boy you are, and so handsome. But I love the picture where he is looking up at the stylist as if to say I hope you know what you are doing LOL. Adam/Tamera yu guys a doing a good jobs with your cutie pie.

  • Sandra Staley

    Aden is a big boy sitting there getting his 1st hair cute. U and Adam have a very handsome boy.

  • Esther

    Awww, he’s just so adorable, Tamera! I miss you and Tia’s blog, but I am glad you started one on your own.

  • Kris

    I knew my son would freak out so I cut it myself. Worked out well.

  • MissTee Lewis

    He is so handsome Tamera!

  • Khadra G

    Your son is too cute! awh bless him :D

  • shantese

    My son is 8 months next week & his hair is starting to dry out. What products would you recommend.

  • Sasha Briann

    You are just so amazing!!!! I wish you more luck in life and you seem like an amazing mother and wife!!!

  • Destiny Ruprecht

    My son looks a lot like Aden ur son is just a lil darker n I’m getting his haircut next month n dreading it I love his curls Aden is a cutie pie

    • Destiny Ruprecht

      This is my lil guy Bryson

    • Destiny Ruprecht