Our Mommy Son Time & Toddler Play Activities

Sometimes being a working momma can be so crazy, but when it comes down to just laughing and playing with your babies, it really couldn’t be more simple. Aden and I have such a blast together. He’s been such a good sport about having to share mommy time with his baby sister and I truly cherish the moments we can just hang out! Here’s a recap of a few of our recent mommy-son play dates. If your little ones are at this toddler age, they’ll love it too!

Playtime with Aden | Tamera Mowry

Sometimes it’s the simplest games that are most fulfilling for children. Actually, most of the time that’s the case! Aden loves his legos. Once he gets going, you can’t tear him away from them. They get his creative juices flowing and suddenly he’s building a whole world.

Playtime with Aden | Tamera Mowry

So proud.

Playtime with Aden | Tamera Mowry

When the weather is warm, you can’t go wrong spending the day in the backyard. Blowing bubbles is a simple playtime activity that toddlers go crazy for. (And did you know you can even make your own recipes for bubbles?) Even better if you can add in some fun music while they play. Whenever the music stops, he has to stop and freeze, and gets to get going again when it starts up. It’s a blast and pretty much has us cracking up the whole time.

You guys, it really is the little things. I love seeing my little man smile!

If you have any fave toddler activities, share them below.


  • Ina Turner

    Tamera, Cant believe how big your little man is getting!! As parents some of
    our best times in life is spending time with our kiddos, watching them learn new things and have fun doings it.
    In addition to Legos, we love to do Puzzles,Educational board games, it teach
    them patience and how to think,and off course we love all the out door games
    when the weather is warm!! One of the promise we made to ourselves this
    year was to have fun with our kiddos!!because sometime we are so busy raising them and taking care of them!! “BUT WE DON’T ENJOY THEM”.

  • Chenel Rex

    Hey,it needs a little prep time,but another idea is to dress up and do a simple treasure hunt around the garden and house is fun, my little boy loves maps, making a den with a blanket between two sofas for reading.
    For our next family day I want to do a treasure hunt around my community for him to find his presents but…. ? This is going to take a lot of planning lol