4 Reasons I Went with Braids

Like many women, I knew during my pregnancy that I was going to need a low maintenance hairstyle when it was time to welcome my baby. Going natural and giving your hair the love and attention it needs is a long journey, and I didn’t want it to suffer any neglect while I was busy with new mommy responsibilities! So with the support and help of the talented Kari Williams of Mahogany Hair Revolution, I was able to protect my natural hair and sport a new style for summer.

1. Its a protective style. Obviously the big draw to braids is that it’s a protective style. What makes me flock to a protective style right now is the fact that during pregnancy and afterward you can lose hair. Braided hair helps keep that from happening as well as helping to prevent breakage, which I’ll talk about next.

2. Less breakage. Braids don’t necessarily help your hair grow, but they can help keep it from breaking off, which allows it to flourish. Just the fact that I’m not styling my hair daily because of the braids definitely helps. I love that they’re and an easy and chic way to get a styled look without adding damage to my natural hair. With the threat of hair loss after pregnancy, I didn’t want to risk dealing with additional loss. With that said, there’s breakage with any protective hairstyle, so one way to minimize it is NOT to knot the braids next to the scalp, which is common. So happy Kari let me on to that tip!

3. Two words: n‘poo. As long as you’re not keeping your braids in longer than recommended (about six weeks), you don’t really have to worry about shampooing while they’re in. Can we talk about how great that is for this busy momma? Just make sure you thoroughly prepare your natural hair for the braids, by washing with proper products and giving it a good condition beforehand. Chances are that in caring for two little ones, some skipped washes are bound to happen anyway, so it’s a blessing to not have to worry about any potential disasters due to neglect.

4. 6 Weeks of Style. Like I said, it’s all about that 6 weeks! In my 9th month of pregnancy, I just had to go for braids. It’s an easy, low maintenance ‘do that allows me to focus on what’s important during my first month post-partum – while still doing something good for myself. Not only that, but what better time than summer for a seasonal hairstyle? Summer can mean an extreme few months to try to endure with fragile strands, so the protective style is not only low maintenance, but necessary. Plus, with so many styles you can try with long braids, I’ve loved being able to try everything from wearing them long, bohemian style to a full on braided top knot….


LOVE this look!

Have you done braids before? 


  • Linda

    I totally agree. I did that with my last pregnancy and it made life SO much easier. I’m 7 months pregnant now and that is most likely going to be my go-to style right before I have the baby. Plus, I love the look of braids anyway!

    You look beautiful and congrats again!

  • Chell Von

    You look great! I wear braids about twice a year to give my hair a break from relaxers. They save time on styling and are great for my workout schedule. Braids keep my hair from getting dry and it prevents shedding.

  • Natasha

    I love you and girl your really rocking those braids. I did them last year and they totally work. Congrats on the baby am so happy for you. I can not wait to see you on the Real and other projects you will have. Your my inspiration and role model. Love you…xoxo

  • shannon mars

    Braids are the best way to go. I’ve done the same when my time came to welcome my baby girl. Congratulations to you and Adam on your new bundle of joy!!

  • Britney Augé

    I put my braids in 4 weeks pp and I wish I would have done it right away. Babe LOVES grabbing handfulls of hair when he’s sleeping these days. (12 weeks pp) p.s. – thanks for reminding me ita time to get them redone!

  • Geraldine Nunez

    Yes, I have done braids, I have them on now lol. This is my first time doing them. And I must say, I absolutely LOVE them! It really is low maintenance! But I wanted to ask what do you mean to not knot it at the scalp, what’s the other way to do them?

    • shaydesiree11

      Many hairstylist knot the braiding hair at the root. It is best to start braiding and then feed the hair in as you go. It prevents the braids from sliding out or pulling on your natural hair.

      • Geraldine Nunez

        Ohhhh OK. Yeah after two days of getting mine done I saw that my natural hair was pulled out from the roots of how tight they are. I got so worried. But now I know, and next time I get them done I’m going to tell the lady to NOT knot them at the roots! Thank you for explaining ☺

  • Shayna Marie Sykes

    I love it! Braids are definitely a great protective style. I want to get faux locs soon. One way to still cleanse your hair while the braids are in is Dry Shampoo. It strips build up and a clogged scout, so your hair can still have that fresh clean look and smell. Try l’oreal dry shampoo

    • Rekaya

      That’s an awesome tip. Thank you for sharing.

      • Shayna Marie Sykes

        No Problem!

  • Retii_Leigh

    I have braids right now, I think braids are the easier way to go and they still look amazing. My braids look like yours Tam Tim… Love it

  • Vannette Robinson

    This is great! What do you mean by not knotting at the scalp?

    • shaydesiree11

      Many hairstylist knot the braiding hair at the root. It is best to start braiding and then feed the hair in as you go. It prevents breakage.

  • Sarah

    Did she give birth already?

  • Ina Turner

    Tamera,while I have admired others that have braids,but I have never wanted to,for one of the reason you stated not being able to do a good shampoo for so long,lol,lol. Also for me it seem heavy even pin-up that would bother me.
    But you look beautiful with yours pinned up!!!!. I KNOW you guys are enjoying the newest “PRECIOUS” member of the family,baby Ariah,so sweet.
    Much Blessings to You,Adam,Aden and Sweet baby Girl.

  • Kia R-Townes

    Yes I do my own and my daughters! Love them on you

  • GeminiLQ

    Yes I’ve had braids before. My mom used to fix my hair like that for the summer to and also anytime I wanted it braided. The good ole days:)

  • Janel21

    Tamera, I pretty much love everything you wear! Could you give outfit deets on the photos you post? I love your style!

  • Venus Joann Lowe

    I want more braids. my hair is not as long as I would like it to be

  • Priscilla

    TAMERA look absolutely gorgeous I love ❤ her with braids

  • dollfacemodelk Khaliah

    I want to do braids sooo bad Tamera, but was nervous about possible damage as well as breaking out on my skin from the synthetics found in the hair!!! I may go for it next summer I think it would be sooo very awesome! Thanks for all the awesome tips and sharing your lifestyle with us! Congratulations on the blessing of your sweet baby girl!!! XOXO

    • You can also use human hair for braiding ask the stylist about micros it’s my fave braided style mainly because it’s flexible & you can curl it, wear it straight etc..

    • Danielle

      I’ve heard the synthetic hair has a coating on it that causes itchiness. Supposedly, you can soak the hair in Vinegar before using, and it helps strip the coating. Never tried it myself, but it’s worth a try if human hair isn’t an option! Quality human hair can be expensive.

  • Very cute, I love braids but I have a hard time dealing with the itchy scalp that comes with them.

  • Tricia Ann

    I have done braids before. Absolutely love having braids in. I have relaxed hair so its a great break from processing too!

  • Rhonda Becerra Williams

    You look beautiful regardless. You do you let the others be ignorant to their own dumb questions.l love it!

  • Faith Jones

    I love your braids. I just got my box braids on Tuesday!

  • FirstPriorityMusic80sBest

    I love putting my daughter’s hair in braids every summer. It gives me a much needed break & it allows her hair to rest after a year of school performances & 10 months of dance competitions. Single braids are our favorite because of the versatility. I just make sure she keeps it moisturized. I use a Shea Butter spritz, add a little coconut oil to it & gently massage it into her scalp. I do a light application of that twice a week. If I want to give it a light cleansing, I use a waterless shampoo every 3 weeks. Her braids usually last 3 months before they need to come out & it grows & gets thick like crazy. Your hair looks gorgeous Tam Tam & congratulations to you & Adam on precious Ariah Talea!!!

  • Gabby Peck

    Yes I have and I love it. Love yours too.

  • Callie McGary

    I usually wear senegalese twist every summer but this summer I decided to wear the crochet look instead and I love it! It looks very natural and it is still considered a protective style because my hair is braided under. I tried box braids but they were extremely heavy and I felt they were pulling on my edges. I could only wear them in two styles because of the weight, a high bun or down. I dont think I will ever get them again.

  • Pamela Webb

    I have braids and just got my 10 year olds hair braided for the summer. It completely fits our summer schedule!

  • Tiffanie Cole

    Yes braids are my favorite low maintenance style. Have them in right now.

  • Maquand

    Yes braids are a very good choice for low maintenance. The next time you get braids try Tree Braids @Tamera Moury will also have all your hair braided and the other hair loose you can do different styles. Love you & Adam you are also a power couple keep being great role models for the younger generation!

  • Shawneeen

    I love braids! You look so cute!

  • Bandmom2014

    It is pretty but it is too darn hot in Houston for me to wear all of that hair but I do think it is cute.

  • CeCe Vernice Upchurch

    A nice look!

  • I love braids. You are right, it is a wonder protective style for natural hair and they are easy to maintain. They are chic and edgy

  • maria08

    congrats on your new baby girl.

  • Eva Victorious Spencer

    Beautiful Tamera!!! Congratulations on ur new baby girl!!! Aden is a big brother!!! Yayyyy!!!

  • Lisa Keyes

    The first pregnancy I didn’t and after delivery pretty much looked like Don King by the hair…the last three yes and more yes!!!

  • Sharee Morgan

    Is Ariah Gemini?

  • Kimberly Scott

    Very cute Tam…..love this style. I just got mine done Friday….

  • Aquellah

    I did the same thing got braids in my hair in my 9th month with all three of my pregnancies.

  • Natoshia

    I have some in
    my head now

  • Nikki Cauley

    Braids are my go to ‘do when it comes to vacations that involve lots of sunning and swimming, right before birth of a baby and during some winter months. I love them because they not only protect my natural hair but they are super helpful and convenient for a busy Mama of 4, with one in the way, that works a full time job! Loved the tips. HUGS!

  • Cassandra Ritchwood

    Yes, I tried braids….They hurt ! They say “Never say never” but the way I feel right now I won’t be doing them any time soon. I’m responding to this after the birth of your baby girl, and I want to congratulate you an Adam, and hope the best for your new family !

  • Braids look AMAZING on you Tamera! Its a great protective style and you make me want to get braids! Love it Tamera!


  • Kris McKenzie

    People have been wearing braids during pregnancy for decades….. Nothing tamera said is new. But if she wanted everyone to know why she wore braids because its a typical around the way hair do……then, i guess. Perhaps I should write an article about why I put jelly with peanut but sandwich. Lmbo! …..#ilikeher #justbeingreal #nohatetho