3 Ways To Get Kids To Eat

You don’t have to necessarily have a picky eater on your hands to struggle getting your little ones to eat their fruits and veggies and other healthy meals. I don’t know how or why, but children figure out early on that if it’s good for you, it must not taste good, and they stay away! Lol. Over the past couple years I’ve developed methods for when Aden’s feeling stubborn, and I totally plan to use these tips on Ariah when necessary!

3 Ways To Get Kids To Eat

Give them a choice. Most kids (okay, people!) will choose a cookie over a banana in a heartbeat. But if there’s two different healthy options in front of them, there’s a good chance they’ll forget about any alternative they can’t see and just focus on the task at hand: making a choice. Giving children a choice allows them to feel more in control of the situation, and even like they’re helping with the meal planning and prep.

Get sneaky with ingredients. Obviously the first method isn’t always going to work – who hasn’t dealt with kids who flat out refuse to eat certain things? Luckily sometimes it only has to look like a favorite dish to be kid-approved. This little trick is perfect for those meals that are healthier versions of family faves, like the sweet potato pancakes from my most coveted kids’ cookbook, Deceptively Delicious. Having a cookbook on hand really helps in those panicky, “He won’t eat anything” moments, but over time you’ll find which healthy ingredients you can get away with sneaking in, no questions asked.

Go in as a family. Kids are smart; it’s a blessing and a curse! If they don’t see the broccoli being eaten off your plate, they won’t be touching theirs. If they see you hitting the cupboards during every TV commercial, they’ll assume that’s just a good way to pass the time. You don’t have to wage an all-out war on sugar (it really depends on your personal diet), but in general setting a positive example not only helps kids form good habits, it keeps moms and dads in check with their health goals too. There are a lot of reasons parents want to set a good example, and this one is especially rewarding.

Got any sneaky tricks to share when it comes to kids’ diets? Let me know!


  • Ina Turner

    Tamera, Love everything in this post, especially the last one with getting Mom and Dad involve in eating healthy. My hubby was a meat and potatoes man, and when we started having kids I notice they did not want to eat veggies because Daddy did not eat certain veggie”that changed very fast” lol. They are smart they look at what we a doing, even when we do not realize it, that also includes everything that we do and say. Be bless my Dear and continue to keep these Posts coming. Blessings

  • No kids yet but i continuously hear of the second suggestion about being sneaky with ingredients. It totally makes sense especially with fruits and veggies because most little ones (and me) would rather have dessert all day! hahaha!

  • Laura Harris

    I make chips out of zucchini. I peel it and slice the shape round with the potato peeler. Put them in a pan on medium heat and brown them. They love to hear me say zuchinini chips. All they really hear is chips. You can season them however plain tastes good to them.

  • Allison

    I have to try the zucchini fries. In the winters I usually like to make soups. My son hates when I put plantains, or even potatoes. So what I usually do is just cut it up really tiny so it melts and he eats it just fine. Great suggestions Tamara.