Life Lessons from my Daughter

Did you get a chance to see Ariah’s Year In Review that I posted this week in honor of her birthday? I can’t believe how fast time flies, and how strong our relationship has become over just one year. Looking back at everything—all the family outings, all the precious little moments at home, all the things we’ve conquered together—I’m really just blown away by what can happen in 12 months! So for her birthday, I wanted to share a message about all that having baby girl has taught me…

Tamera and Ariah -

First and foremost, Ariah has taught me to find joy in everything, that it’s wherever you choose to look. I’ve said it many times, but she is a truly joyous girl. I have no doubt that she will grow up with a grateful heart, because even the littlest things make her happy. I’ve always considered myself a positive person, but she has taught me to find joy in unlikely places, and not to let negativity bring me down. Like all little ones (and grownups too), she becomes frustrated at times, but she feels it, and then moves on. She doesn’t hang onto it. She is a ball of pure love and joy, and her presence has made me more loving and joyous.

Ariah has also taught me about myself. Now that I have my own mini-me, I feel like I’m looking into this new version of myself. I now see why Adam and Aden’s father-son relationship is so strong—they not only mirror each other but learn from each other too. Ariah and I are the same. We have so many similarities, at times it IS like looking in the mirror. Seeing her own unique personality has made me look inward and be more open and receptive to another person’s needs.

I’ve also experienced a whole new type of love: between mother and daughter. Much like friendship and family, it’s deep and intimate, but in an entirely new and inexplicable way. Honestly, there are no words.

As much as I knew about being a mother before, as much as I learned about raising a son, I hadn’t known this mother to daughter connection. It truly is a beautiful thing and I am so grateful that I get to be mother to both of my children. How amazing is that?!

Happy birthday, Ariah!


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  • lady j

    Enough said?

  • Synthia Rose

    That was an amazing post. Definitely captured the core of the mother-daughter bond. Beautiful.

  • Kathy Elizza is so good when a mother and a father find this early because the knowing allows other parents to pay attention and allow the children to blossom naturally. For you Tamera to speak out about your amazing journey speaks volumes to mother’s across the world that God has given us an unconditional honorary love with endless potential to be better parents. <3

  • Ina Turner

    Tamera, It’s so amazing how fast our little ones grow up,it seems like just yesterday that you posted pictures of baby girl..and now she is 1 already.
    So great seeing pictures of baby girl growing with her family thru the past
    year!!and SOOO great to see Daddy so involved in her growth!! while it’s
    so true that we have a special bond with our daughters(I have one) I still
    make sure that she know that she is her Daddy’s girl, just like our two boys
    know that Daddy is always there for them!!Daddy is her first love,he will
    be that example of how to relate to, and choose the right type of man years
    from now!! I still think she looks like her Daddy and her Big Brother,if you
    look at some of my old post I always tease you that you have to share her
    looks,lollollol.. anyway that’s a great thing..May God continue to give you
    and your husband wisdom and discernment to raise the Two blessings that
    He has In-trusted you both with…2 Timothy 3: 16-17.

  • Joyce Ellis

    Wouldn’t miss an opportunity to say happy happy happy happy birthday to your precious little Ariah. As you are RICHLY BLESSED, HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY for Ariah, and a wonderful and safe 4th of July.

  • Damita Edwards

    HAPPY Birthday Arial ???

  • Deborah Mitchell

    I love to see people that realize how important family is and that tomorrow is not promised to a any of us. Tamera continue being the loving family person that you are and those two little people that you brought into this world will be fine. Happy Birthday Ariah. p.s. I won one of the books that you and your sister wrote, for my thirteen year old granddaughter, she loved the book, so again thank you very much.